Local Watchmaker Time-Peace Releases New Design; Existential Bongs to Follow

Clock time is bullshit.

It's an invasive concept that undermines life by dictating day-to-day activity with a repetitive series of deadlines: breakfast at 7 a.m., 30-minute commute, work 9-to-5, lunch at noon, gym at 6, dinner by 8, asleep by 11, repeat.

Now imagine a world where the only time that really matters is now, the present. Ahhh.

For South Florida-based intergalactic watchmaker Time-Peace, that world truly exists. But to be a part of it, you'll probably need one of Time-Peace's new LightWarrior 2.0 watches.

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"The LightWarrior is a true representation of the Time-Peace philosophy in that it doesn't tell you the clock time until you actually need it," says Time-Peace cofounder and philosopher of magic (actual job title) Sean Altshuler. "I think it embodies the principles of Time-Peace more than any other 'peace' we've made, especially now that all of the bands are vegan-friendly."

In a nutshell space capsule, the principles Altshuler is referring to make up the company's founding philosophy that time is an illusion (hence the unconventional watch face), perception creates reality, everything is interconnected, and the universe is in alignment.

Time-Peace sells its wares at stores such as Joanna Paige in Mary Brickell Village, but its popularity isn't limited to Miami-Dade County.

From Israel to Canada to California and beyond, the Time-Peace crew has racked up a ton of frequent-flier miles spreading its neo-hippie ways around the world.

"Originally, the reason for us going all over the place was to spread awareness about Time-Peace," Altshuler says. "It started off as something that was for TP but really became a period for each of us to grow individually."

And grown they have. The group is expanding the Time-Peace brand to include necklaces, earrings, and rings, among other accessories. They're even considering glassware.

"We want to do bongs and pipes," Altshuler says, dismissing Gov. Rick Scott's buzzkill-disguised-as-a-bong-ban with a familiar stoner chuckle.

"We know what we believe is OK, and if for some reason we can't sell them in Florida, we'll go to California and sell them there. We won't have a problem finding people who'll take them."

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