Jill Zarin on Leaving Real Housewives, Moving to Boca, and Touring with Marysol Patton

If you feel the need to be seen in South Florida, there is a very good chance you went out last night for Fashion's Night Out. The basis of the evening was to help the economy by shopping for overpriced goods, but all we saw was a lot of drinking and mingling (two of our favorite things to do so we weren't complaining).

Lucky for us, we also got to sit down in Aventura with of our favorite real housewife of New York, Jill Zarin, who hosted Macy's FNO party. 

If you have ever watched more than five minutes of the Bravo channel, there is a good chance you know her. Not because of her unmistakable New York accent, but because she has been on Real Housewives since its start in 2008. And following in the footsteps of many of her castmates, she has written a book and has a new shapewear line, Skweeze Couture, coming out in a few months.

And while we only got five minutes with her inside Macys' executive offices, we cleared up all the rumors we had been hearing about her in the last few weeks. And one day, we hope to get five more minutes. She is most definitely the yenta we never had.

New Times: You spend a lot of time here. Your parents are in Boca Raton, right?
Jill Zarin: Yes, I can't spend enough time here.

Do you think you will ever abandon New York and move to South Florida?
I will definitely end up here. My husband Bobby and I are seriously looking for a second home here. We have talked about that for five years. And now that my daughter is off to college in Nashville, you can expect us here very soon.

I have a problem though. My parents are in Boca, and I love golf and tennis. I really want to have the country club lifestyle. I would live that very happily. But, I really want a water view. If I'm moving to Florida, I want to live on the intercostal and I want a boat in my backyard. Where can I have house with a boat in my backyard and play golf and tennis everyday in my community?

Girl, it's Boca or Aventura. That's pretty much it.
But it's an hour away from my parents!

Boca it is.
I could get use to it.

What would be the biggest change from New York to Miami?
Language, less clothes--a lot of girls walking around  half naked, seasonless--its always sunny here, a lot of water sports, great nightlife, great food and great culture. There is always something coming and going -- you can always be busy.

I know you are about to leave on tour with the Real Housewives of Miami's Marysol Patton.
I am! I am meeting Marysol on Saturday. She tweeted that she was nervous to meet Nene Leakes and I. So I grabbed it and was like, "you aren't really nervous, are you?" And she said, "sort of." I was like, "me? Let's talk on the phone!"

You are a little intimidating.
Me? No! Am I really?

No, well, a little. NeNe definitely is though.
Ok, good. NeNe is really funny!

What is this housewives tour all about?
I think we are going to be hysterical. We all don't know each other that well, but we kind of know each other just from being on TV. And we will be laughing at each other and having a lot of fun. People should come to that tour. We are going to say it like it is, like we always do.

Rumor control time: Are you leaving Real Housewives of New York?
I have no idea how that started. None of us know if we are leaving. Bravo told us we would hear after Labor Day what they wanted to do. Which doesn't mean that we want to go back, it all depends on negotiations. But again, it was supposed to be after Labor Day and we still haven't heard the verdict. 

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