Four Lions Puts the Fun Back in Terrorism

Terrorists are people too. And they can be as idiotic as the rest of us, if not more so. In the film Four Lions, which opens at the Cosford Cinema on Friday, British humorist Chris Morris compiles a troupe of fictional wannabe jihadists a la Three Stooges and Marx Brothers. Basically, they are a bunch of hapless morons trying to stick it to us infidels. 

Morris based these zany terrorist plots on real events. "Yemeni jihadis wanted to ram a US warship with an exploding boat--they assembled at the quayside in the dead of night, filled the launch with explosives and it sank. Canadian jihadis planned to kill their prime minister but forgot who he was."

If this film had been released even a couple of years ago  in this

country it might have been too soon, but Americans are now ready to

laugh at terrorism. Call it our irrepressible optimism or our resolute

resiliency, but we have faced the evil doers and continue to buy our

tazo chai lattes and camp out on Black Friday.

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