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Five Miami Photographers to Focus on in 2011

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With all that's going on in the Miami, it seemed inevitable that the region's stable of talented photographers would begin to rival the most varied and talented across the globe. In 2011, local talented photogs will continue shooting a variety of subjects, styles and situations. Maybe, it's time you became familiar with them, even if chances are you've already seen their work. Consider this your primer on South Florida's photography scene.

5. Derick G.

Derick G photographs all corners of the

entertainment world. This Miami born and raised artist documents the

lives of the people who reign supreme on the radio, clubs and iPods.

He began shooting in middle school and transitioned to a professional

five years ago. Self taught, he successfully turned a hobby into a brand

that can be seen all over the internet and MTV.

By documenting the behind the scenes action of stars like Lil Wayne,

Birdman, DJ Khaled, David Guetta, Enrique Iglesias, Rick Ross, and Nicki

Minaj he has been able to build a database containing some of music's

biggest stars.  His photos capture the lives and moves of artists and

people who will be cherished for generations. His journalistic, candid

style allows him to bring the viewer into his world, which is what he

prefers. "I capture things as they are happening. I stand back and let

people be them(selves) and I capture them in their essence, in their


The year 2011 promises to be just as busy for this jet-setting photographer as he will

be traveling to Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, and Australia in January alone.

Keep an eye out for the signature Derick G shot this year. It will be as

captivating as the moments and music his subjects create.


4. Michael Raveny

This photographer has a way of making lust seem less dirty. He creates

images that allow your eyes to feast on a scene and subtly communicates a

story to your senses. Michael Raveney has built his style around the

idea of eliciting a concept through understated, yet powerful, artistic


Coming from artistic roots, Raveney took to photography with ease.

At 21, he was headed to Bosnia to deliver food to the war ravaged

country, when someone dropped a camera in his hand. The photos he took

there were published in several publications and this experience

inspired him to continue shooting and creating images that pull emotion

from the viewer. Since Bosnia, he has shot worldwide.

His work is sensual and surreal, but he likes to steer away from the

overt. Raveney prefers to work with people on a personal level. "I am

able to bring a different side out of them. It helps to communicate

through the camera."

The new year brings a big workload to this eclectic artist. He will be

keeping up with his usual clients, but is going to focus on his own

projects more. He hopes the new decade will be one filled with true

artistic passion. "I am going to be pretty busy."

3. Javier Sanchez

Some artists deal with finding their voice their

entire careers. And though Javier Sanchez claims he is still searching,

his work hardly reflects such fecklessness. With bright sheets of light and stunning

figures, Sanchez allows his passion to shine through his photographs.

The Cuba-born photographer only recently started to seriously pursue the art.

He quickly began studying and researching the craft. Sanchez continues

to build a style and message uniquely his own.

He plans to bring a new level of commitment to the art in the upcoming

year. He will be launching his website and begin producing at a much

higher capacity.  "My mindset and approach have been changing." The

photos that are coming from this artist continue to catch the eye. It

will be interesting to see how this obsession with growth shows through

his work in the near future.

2. Alex Dumas

This seasoned vet has surfaced all over town lately, and promises to be

even more visible in 2011. Shooting in a style that reflects the old

masters which inspire him, he creates images that are soothing and

classic.  By being versatile and open, Alex Dumas is a photographer that

allows the subject to create their own statement.

Dumas comes from a rich photography background. He began shooting when

he was 10 years old, and studied the art at the New School in Manhattan.

Commercial and fashion are his main areas of expertise, and it's easy

for novices to see he knows what he's doing. This Haitian-born

photographer prides himself on listening and being open to suggestions. 

"Every time I shoot something, whether it's big or small, it's the

feedback that I get from them, they're always happy with the work, and

it's actually a blessing."

Easy to work with is his style. He says that this year he will be

emphasizing his work on high fashion and will be launching a new media

site. Reflecting on his past art shows that the New Year's improvements

should be monumental.

1. Shayna Batya - Visual Tension

This new kid on the scene is all about variety. Her style ranges from

candid photo shoots, street scenes, to people in their natural swag.

Shayna Batya finds her inspiration in so many places its easy to see why

her photos have such a range in character and content.

She has been shooting since she was six years old and recently began

transitioning into a professional only three years ago. She's still in

school at the University of Miami but is already committed to her chose

profession, claiming that her camera never leaves her side. She

documents her life and creates photo shoots from scratch.

"I pay attention to light, natural light is so beautiful and such an

inspiration to me." Batya shoots with a large aperture allowing her to

capture a lot of light in her images. Her style aims to capture movement

as well as moments in time.

This year promises to be full of even more transitions as Batya has begun

studying art at UM and graduates in the spring. Her love for Miami and

eye for light will continue to show as she grows as an artist

and shares her vision.

--Joy Taylor

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.