Design Miami Wants Europe to Shut Up; Looking for Emerging American Designers

​The American designer is dead. We didn't read the obituary, but apparently there aren't many designers of note to be found not only in the Unites States but also across the Caribean, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America.

Annual art fair Design Miami wants to change that and seemingly will place a special emphasis on emerging American designers during its next edition in December. According to Cool Hunting, fair organizers have put out a call for portfolios from American designers and experimental architects.

We are looking for designers whose work includes high-quality, high-concept objects-for-use made through handcrafted, high-tech, and/or experimental processes.  

We would also love to receive portfolios from emerging, experimental architects.  

Europe keeps asking us for American talent. We're determined to find the "Best in the West" and bring it to the world's attention so they will shut up already.

Yes, Europe. Please shut your bloody trap. 

If you happen to fit the bill, send your CV and printed portfolio postmarked no later than September 1 to the following address: 
Design Miami 
ATTN: Wava Carpenter 
3841 NE Second Ave., Ste. 400 
Miami, FL 33137 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.