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Defend Jersey Shore's J-Woww Against Creepy Ex, Tom Lippolis

Thanks to demure, well-respected celebrities like Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Vanessa Hudgens, leaked celeb nudes are old hats. So why post about yet another one, involving a Jersey Shore cast member? Especially on this fine arts blog? Because this particular instance really sets our fingers aflame.

According to an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Tom Lippolis, the ex-boyfriend of Jersey Shore's artificially curvaceous Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley, is trying to sell nude pictures of her before and after she had liposuction and her second breast augmentation. He sneaked the photos while she was under anesthesia.

Besides Lippolis earning himself a candidacy for biggest douchebag of 2011 (so far), what's the big deal? Take a look at how Lippolis publicly describes his ex's pre-op body:

"'Before she had her second breast augmentation, she was uneven, scarred, deformed and had tons of cellulite,' Lippolis told"

"'There were two-inch scars on her nipples and after the surgery, they had stretched the skin and removed the scars.'"

Uhm, excuse me? Who is you? You're not the Elephant Man or anything but you sure don't look like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, James Franco, or any of the other guys we'll be visually appreciating on Wednesday's Feast of Fabulous Men. (Hey, it's an actual holiday, Okay?) So who are you to badmouth someone else's appearance?

Here on Cultist, we're sick of hearing of men -- as dirty, hairy, smelly, chubby, unkempt, ordinary, unfit, and unattractive as they may be -- knock down how a lady looks. It's a double standard, it's annoying, and it just confirms that many men objectify women and determine their worth on their own warped standards of beauty.

So, as mean spirited as it may be, we've decided to give Tom Lippolis a taste of his own medicine. Below is a picture of him and we suggest giving us your opinions of the way he looks in comments. We'll start:

Tom, your eyes SCREAM a dude who drives a white, unmarked van with police tinted windows, an appetite for young girls, and a trunk full of candy.


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Elyse Wanshel
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