Burn Notice Returns in June With Explosion Filmed at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Good news for Burn Notice fans: USA Network announced this morning that the show's sixth season will kick off June 14. And while not much is known about the plot twists and turns in store this summer, we do know one thing: We're gonna get to see a lot of stuff explode.

That's because the cast and crew of the show took over Homestead-Miami Speedway last month, transforming the entire venue into an outdoor TV studio. And according to the venue, the episode featuring the speedway involves a "dramatic wreck involving a semi trailer."

Yeah, we're listening.

According to the show's location manager, Beverly Visitacion, Homestead-Miami Speedway was chosen "because filming at the Speedway is great and it has a certain look with the palm trees lining the road." But we're sure the capability to explode giant load-carrying machines also had plenty to do with it.

The explosion takes place on SW 142nd Street. We're not sure what plot twists could feasibly have brought Michael Westen all the way down south. (Sorry, Homestead, but getting to you from Miami proper is a damn mission.) But for the sake of indulging the adolescent boys who live inside us all, we're willing to suspend our disbelief so we can watch things blow up.

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