Basketball Wives, Episode 9: Back to Miami, Back to the Drama

In the first five minutes of last night's Basketball Wives, things go from bad to worse when the ladies feel the need to get a therapy session in over wine. And not shockingly, Tami Roman wanted to make it a point to not talk shit about her. We get it, girl. You don't like things being said about you. At least the bar went nothing like their meal at the oldest restaurant in Spain. Wow ladies, really making Americans look great.

Seeing Jennifer Williams cry over her divorce to Eric really made us so

sad for her. Don't you just want to yell, "Don't let those teeth get you

down!" Maybe she should get with that flamenco dancer Rafael. He is

adorable, "honey" (said in his accent, of course.)

Who else was shocked they had a meal together later and didn't fight? They didn't fight at all. They actually seemed to enjoy one another at their last meal in Spain. One thing we did notice: Shaunie O'Neal always sits at the head of table when they sit down to food or drinks. And why shouldn't she? She is definitely the HBIC of the Basketball Wives.

It all comes out that Ashley Walker is possibly the cleaning lady to her baby daddy Rafer Alston who maybe has another girlfriend in New Jersey. Then, Suzie Ketcham comes back to have a meal with Ashley and Royce and this is definitely when the episode heats up. Suzie announces she doesn't want to be in the circle anymore. Girl, why did you do the show then? Is this her official announcement that she will not back for season three?

Anyone else see Royce's place? Um, that seemed really nice. Is that dancer money or is that child support from Dwight Howard? And her meal with her family and her boyfriend was a little weird. We calling it now her boo proposes by the end of the season. He loves her, wants to stay relevant, whatever the reason. We wonder what ring he will buy he when he actually pops the question? Probably a nice rock that is gifted from a jeweler looking to get camera time.

And then there was the shoe store incident. Evelyn and Jennifer were chatting in the store when Ashley and Rafer walk in. Apparently, Jennifer and Rafer know one another from back in the day. When asked how close they were, Jennifer isn't ashamed to admit she never hung out with him because he had anger management issues. And he tells her, no, I just don't take any bullshit. But here is our question: Are they hating on her because she is on her way to actually becoming a basketball wife? Guess we will just have to wait and see in next Sunday's episode.

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