Basketball Wives Episode 8: Tami Pops Meeka in the Face

Watching part two of the Basketball Wives vacationing is immediately interesting to watch. We are about to two months into this show and think about it: just a few weeks back, Tami Roman was ready to throw down with Evelyn Lozada.

But in last night's episode, she is so worried about her well being after she and Jennifer William's fight, she is willing to break into her room via the balcony.

The rift started on last week's episode, when it was revealed that the almost-divorced Jennifer called soon-to-be-married Evelyn's fiancé, Chad Ochocinco, a "media whore" on the radio in Cincinnati. To say the least, the future Mrs. 85 wasn't pleased and she let Jennifer know in a verbally abusive kind of a way.

Seeing these two fight was like watching nuns curse: it just doesn't happen. So we were glad to see with a few tears shed by Jennifer, Evelyn was able to forgive her BFF. But not without a little encouragement from Shaunie O'Neal, who pretty much set up the reconciliation. Let's just say she is the Dr. Phil of this program.

Please let us note that all of this has gone down in the first five minutes of the show. Right after World War Jennifer vs. Evelyn is over, the battle of Meeka Claxton vs. Tami Roman begins. They head out for what was supposed to be a quiet dinner in the heart of Rome, but we all know that just wasn't going to happen.

Especially because Tami has made it known to everyone multiple times throughout their trip of how much she hates Meeka. Talking behind someone's back just isn't her forte. And if she thinks you look like a tranny, she will tell you. Meeka learned that the hard way this evening.

And then just for a minute, while the ladies head to the famous Trevi Fountain to make their wishes, you think maybe Meeka and Tami have put away their problems when they take a group photo together. Yeah, that didn't last long.

Why? Because Meeka can't seem to stop talking shit about Tami, and she makes the mistake of telling all of this to Suzie Ketcham. Who we like to call "the parrot." What can we se say, the girl loves to repeat things. And when Suzie tells Tami everything Meeka has said, she went from glam to ghetto real, real quick. And her anger went from bad to worse later that evening.

The girls' night out at the club was supposed to be all about the girls enjoying the Rome nightlife. But due to Suzie's diarrhea of the mouth, that's not what happened.

After a couple of cocktails, Tami decides it the perfect time to confront Meeka about what she had said. Where does this lead? Oh, you know. Tami popping Meeka in the face. There were literally three grown men trying to break them up. What ended the brawl? A little encouragement from Mama Shaunie, of course.

On their last day in Italy's capital, the ladies brought their trip to a close with a delicious dinner with what Shaunie called "the core five." There was eating, laughing, and no weave pulling.

When they get back to Miami, Meeka does her best to make up with Suzie, but walks out on their forgiveness drink session. So there goes the only person, other than Royce Reed, who could have possibly been in Meeka's corner.

At least "I hate Meeka fest" can end for a week or two: with Star Jones's ex-husband Al Reynolds making a cameo, Royce hanging out with Jennifer's ex-husband, Eric Williams, and Evelyn's daughter heading off to college in next weeks episode, they might get their mind off her, at least for a little. Meeka might want to get some boxing lesson in the meantime.

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