Bad Girls Club's Catya Washington Arrested on Multiple Charges

Obviously, we're hooked on the Bad Girls Club Miami. We've been interviewing them left and right, and writing our weekly show recaps, which bring us pure joy. And when a show is about misbehaving women, you're going to eventually get news such as this: Season five's Catya "Cat" Washington just arrested on multiple charges, bringing the idea of "bad girl" to a whole new illegal level.

As you may remember, Ms. Cat left us a few weeks ago while the ladies

were in Jamaica, because she felt she was just "too high class" for the

other broads. Things that she did weekly, such as spitting on people and

starting fights, was just something she didn't want to be a part of

anymore. Her exit left us all pretty confused, but this arrest from

yesterday is leaving us not confused, but completely speechless -- well, except for a flabbergasted "Oh


Reportedly, Cataya Washington was the target of a large drug bust Thursday by the Pennsylvania State Police Department. Officers allegedly found cocaine, mushrooms, Ecstasy, and a gun. And the bitch has serious charges coming her way: drug possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an instrument of crime -- all of this according to the usually correct TMZ.com.

And the self-described "Elite Player's" bail is set at a hot $500,000.00. We hope Oxygen pays well. Really, really well.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.