Bad Girls Club Miami, Episode 11: Brandi Goes Wild and Then Goes Home

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When last night's episode of

Bad Girls Club Miami

starts out with "Brandi on the Rocks," you know this shit is going to be good. Right off the bat, Brandi keeps repeating, "I never misplace money," after loosing her wallet (which Kristen hid in Erica's bed, by the way.)

Yeah girl, you're a stripper. That is one thing we know for sure. Money in your wallet or in your g-string, we all know you know where it is at all times. It's also terrific how she wants to work out her "anger issues." What do you think got you on this program? Keep it up! Anger and violence are necessary parts of the Bad Girls Club.

Growing up, our mama always told us, "It's the innocent ones you have the watch." Well, ain't that the truth. Ms. Ashley, who if she wasn't talking shit wouldn't be part of the show, is telling secrets left and right. Brandi says she had no idea the level of fakeness she was dealing with. Honestly, never in all the years of Bad Girls Club, have we seen the level of shadiness that Ashley is stooping to right now. So to Ashley, we tip our hats to you.

In our

interview with Lea

, many readers keep calling her fake because she's hanging out with


and maybe putting on a little more make-up than usual. But lets be honest, maybe blondie just uped her style. This episode showed one person who isn't fake is Lea. You call her out? She is calling you out right back. She talks shit about you and you ask her about it? She comes forward with exactly what she said and why. To us, that is pretty badass. They say she stopped hanging out with Brandi because Lea has changed. But maybe she stopped because Brandi was trying to get into her panties 24/7.

At first, when Brandi's "colleagues" walked through the door, we wondered, why is she taking them to Heathrow? Is that place even open still? Then we remembered: Oh yeah, they have a pole. No wonder they are taking them there. We have lived in Miami for a long time. We have seen lot of things. But someone pulling down their pants and having their friend motorboat their ass checks? Let us announce that this is Bad Girl shit and Bad Girl shit only. Never in our lives... and let us mention that we have hung out with Lindsay Lohan in a VIP room (so again, we have seen A LOT of things).

You know how they show

16 and Pregnant

in schools for reasons not to be 12 and having sex? They show

Bad Girls Club

at all AA meetings like, "Hey booze hounds--this is what you look like. Not so great, huh?" All anger management students around the world should watch this show and realize, "Hey, maybe I should keep my shit together." While watching Brandi pack her shit, weren't you thinking--really, another? Jesus. There is only three of the original seven left. And from the sneak peek of next week, it's three... for now.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.