Snoop Dogg

Certain hip-hop elitists have dubbed Snoop Doggy Dogg the Zsa Zsa Gabor of Death Row Records — well earned, when you think about it. After all, when he first slunk into the hip-pop arena to spit those lax, cagey verses on "Fuck wit Dre Day" and "Nuthin' but a G Thang," we all thought, "God, who is this handsome, sinister-looking stranger with those fashionable cornrows and that frosty gangsta drawl? Speak again, bright angel!" And he'd reply, "Bitch, pleeeease." Okay, so Snoop's cool persona — the harmless, adorable doggy-dogg who would not get a jobby-job — usually outpaces his lyrical stylings. And granted, the lineup of guest stars on his new compilation (including big shots like Pharrell Williams, Master P., and Mystikal) are what really give this album its wattage. But if you're just looking for some classic beats and breezy flows to kick back to ... bitch, pleeeease. Here's your man.


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