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Where to Get Hot Toddies in Miami to Stay Warm

Where to Get Hot Toddies in Miami to Stay Warm
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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the drinks are so delightful!

Because Miamians don't really do the whole fireplace thing, alcohol is the perfect way to warm up during a cold front.

South Florida's favorite watering holes are rising to the occasion to keep you toasty with unique takes on traditional warm libations and steamy sippers.

So if you forgot your gloves at home or simply don't own a pair, fret not — you'll want to hold these drinks with both hands.
click to enlarge COURTESY OF REPOUR
Courtesy of Repour
Hot Tod Tea at Repour. Considering this joint was modeled after owner Isaac Grillo's childhood basement in Colorado, you know you'll be cozy with the Hot Tod Tea, made with Earl Grey black tea, lemon, honey, lavender bitters, and High West Barrel Select, a limited-release whiskey made specially for Repour and its Delray sister bar, Death or Glory. 1650 James Ave., Miami Beach.

The Fronzie Toddy at the Anderson.
The Anderson is the quintessential neighborhood bar, and if you're a regular, the bartenders like to take care of you. The toddy is the perfect example of this special treatment, because it was concocted for a customer who wasn't feeling well. It's made with mezcal and rye, ginger hibiscus tea, herbal honey, and lemon bitters. 709 NE 79th St., Miami.
click to enlarge The Jerry & Price is also a good option for the cold weather. - COURTESY OF ALTER
The Jerry & Price is also a good option for the cold weather.
Courtesy of Alter
Toddy Doesn't Know at Alter.  Alter's Gustavo Martinez has created a cocktail menu specifically for cold weather. His take on the hot toddy — with Leblón cachaça, Amaro Lucano, honey, Jojo's peppermint tea, and rosemary and pine cone — is just one of five warm cocktails offered. Also try the Mexican Standoff, a riff on abuela's hot chocolate spiked with mezcal, and the Jerry & Pierce (a take on the Tom & Jerry classic), a grappa, Amaro, and rum drink made creamy thanks to a matcha marshmallow "batter." 223 NW 23rd St., Miami.

Hot Toddies at 1306 Miami. You just got another good reason to hit up Miami's hipster hangout of choice: $5 hot toddies all weekend. What was the first reason? If you haven't heard, your girl's favorite party, Peachfuzz, has hopped back to its original downtown neighborhood and has settled at 1306 Friday nights. Is there a better way to stay warm than by grinding to your favorite '80s and '90s hip-hop tunes? Only with a hot toddy in hand! 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami.
click to enlarge Rum hot toddy at Shelley's - COURTESY OF SHELLEY'S
Rum hot toddy at Shelley's
Courtesy of Shelley's
Rum Hot Toddy at Shelley's. This South Miami seafood bistro wants to make sure you stay warm with this tiki version that will cure anything Old Man Winter throws at you. The concoction mixes punch connoisseurs' favorite — Banks 7 rum — with allspice dram and a trifecta of the drink's staple ingredients: ginger, honey, and citrus. How long will this one be on the menu? "We're going to have it available for as long as people have their Uggs and puffy coats out of storage." 5845 Sunset Dr., South Miami.
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