Best of Miami

Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream: Try Something Sweet Friday Night

Looking for something sweet this weekend?

Check out Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream down south on Ludlam Road, where

traditional flavors such as cookies 'n' cream and nutty, bright green

pistachio are all churned to tantalizing perfection.

And speaking of

enticing; the mamey flavor has been known to taste a little like

sushi and one spoonful of cinnamon ice cream can feel like you're

shoveling an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch into your mouth. Get

a scoop (a small costs $2.99) or two in one of their waffle cones -

preferably the one dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with Nerds candy

- and take a seat at one of the red umbrella-adorned outdoor tables

where you can watch an episode of I

Love Lucy on the boob tube, mounted

into the exterior wall of the shop. It's surrounded by painted muscle

cars that give the illusion of a tiny drive-in movie screen. Talk about

an American classic! Indeed, it's such a classic, that we named it Best of Miami in 2003. This year's edition is coming in June.

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Elyse Wanshel
Contact: Elyse Wanshel