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Vodka Gummy Bears Bring Together Our Favorite Vices

​When has an article detailing exactly how to make vodka gummy bears, you know you've gotta try it. According to the directions, the gummies need to chill in a glass full of vodka for five days.

Over the past week, these little guys marinated in a boozy pool in my fridge. Here's what I learned about mixing candy and alcohol.

On day one, I enthusiastically dropped the bears into the vodka. As I covered the glass in cling wrap, I caught a last whiff of liquor and sugar, and set out to wait those five long days.

When I checked them out on day three, there was a frightening, filmy residue floating in the vodka. This was normal, said e-how, but I started to reconsider the experiment.

Day five came around and I dug into what had become a pungent mass of gummy substance. The bears had grown to twice their size. After a moment of hesitation, I gulped down one of the loaded mutants.

And it was pretty great. The candy was just sweet enough to make the burn creeping down my throat okay. (Soaking them in orange juice for an extra day is supposed to minimize the strength, but the few I set aside in that experimental group just tasted watery.)

I decided to take the vodka bears on an outing, and that's where I ran into trouble. While they seemed safe, sealed in an airtight container, the bears quickly melted into a syrupy mess.

Wondering how it tasted? Even better than the solid bears. It was a gooier, sweeter, adult version of Kool Aid. Even if every sip means you're ingesting about 20 gummy bears.

Ready for a bigger adventure? E-how says, "By using giant gummy bears, you can make it a whole different experience." Already preparing for next weekend.

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