Velvet Creme Doughnuts Opening in Miami Shores, Not Little River

Velvet Creme, an iconic Miami doughnut shop which planned to reopen in Little River this month, has abruptly switched its location.

Robert Taylor, one of the founding partners, says the store will most likely open in downtown Miami Shores in the late spring to early summer. 

"Basically we nixed the store in Little River," he says. "We have another opportunity in Miami Shores. There were just way too many delays in the Little River location. We realized that we needed to get this going faster."

In December, Taylor expected to have Velvet Creme near completion by the middle to end of February. "Velvet Creme Doughnuts" was already plastered across the Little River storefront, located at 8291 NE Second Ave. All signs have since been removed.

"We actually took the signs down about a week ago," he says. "I can't exactly say what went wrong at this location, but it just wasn't moving at the pace we needed it to move."

Though the company designed plans specific to the Little River location, Taylor says they can be transferred to suit the new space. "We spent a lot of money on these design plans," he says. "But they should be able to work for another location because it will be about the same size and type."

Taylor says the company is deciding between two different locations in downtown Miami Shores. They're between 1,200 to 1,500 square feet and located a few blocks from each other. Both properties are nearer completion in terms of construction and build-outs, meaning Velvet Creme would be ready to open in about three months.

"We really just need to get a store open soon," he says. "We can't keep saying it will be in a couple of months because it's getting to a point where people are wondering."

In about two weeks, Taylor says a final spot will be chosen. "The decision is going to come down to what's best for Velvet Creme and how soon we can get it open," he says. "We will get ourselves open as fast as we can."

The doughnut shop, previously located in Little Havana, with a second location near the University of Miami, had been a Miami staple for more than 50 years until a family illness crippled the business in 2000. Taylor, along with partners Jorge Rios and daughter Krista Rios, decided earlier this year to revive the beloved brand, which was owned by Gary Hadler, Taylor's brother-in-law. 

The shop will offer a range of doughnuts, from traditional glazed to exotic flavors like maple bacon and guava 'n' cheese, and a selection of coffees and soft serve ice cream.

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