Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink

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To those of you who think a Margarita is that lime flavored slushy stuff that comes in a really big plastic container, think again

There are conflicting stories about the Margarita's genesis, but many claim the drink, made with fresh lime, tequila, and a touch of sweetness, was named after a beautiful woman. Some say that woman was the daughter of a German ambassador, some say a socialite, some say a Zigfield girl.

None of these stories has anything to do with downing an overly sweet concoction made from a mix which resembles antifreeze.

Though Miami isn't really a Margarita town (you can find more vodka and even bourbon-based drinks in our fair city), you can get a beautiful Margarita if you try. We found ten that suit our taste.  None of them have a Corona floater.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Rosa Mexicano

10. Rosa Mexicano
The only slushy Margarita you'll find on our list, Rosa Mexicano's frozen pomegranate Margarita ($14) is what we crave when Miami's heat index rises through the roof. The salt rim replenishes lost electrolytes, while the pink sweetness gives you an instant brain freeze.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

9. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
Known for cocktails named after artists, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar's Os Gemeos ($14) is named after Brazilian twin street artists. Mezcal is mixed with Crown Royal Black, passion fruit, pineapple, then topped with a slice of grilled pineapple and mint. Potent, complicated, artistic.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Laine Doss

8. Lucy's Cantina Royale at the Shelborne
This beachy bar at the newly renovated Shelborne Beach Resort is one of the few hotel bars that welcomes locals in from a hot stroll on SoBe's boardwalk. Custom make your Margarita with one of 50 different top-shelf tequilas, or let the barkeeps make you one using an array of fresh fruits. The poncho de sandia ($13) is especially refreshing, with muddled watermelon, Cabo wabo tequila, and fresh lime juice.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Laine Doss

7. The Raleigh
At first, you might not equate the sophisticated Raleigh martini bar with a fantastic Margarita. Then again, the original Mexican cocktail was, indeed, a classy affair. The Raleigh's Frida ($15) is a blend of watermelon for color and Zarco tequila for kick. If your taste buds find a hint of spice and sweetness, it's because of the fresh basil and sage muddled in.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Tudor House

6. Tudor House
The Heat ($14) is Tudor House's hot and cool take on the classic Margarita. The heat comes from sambal, a chili-based sauce, while cucumbers cool things off a bit. The result? A balanced cocktail with plenty of nuances to explore.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Lesley Elliott

5. Sustain Restaurant + Bar
Refined and classic. That just about describes any cocktail coming from Sustain's bar. The Sustain Margarita ($12) is the perfect ratio of Milagro silver tequila, Solerno, agave, and fresh lime. Refreshing, potent, infinitely drinkable.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Laine Doss

4. The Corner
Once again, less is more. The Corner's Margarita ($10) is a real drink. Heavy on the citrus, light on the agave, this resembles a frozen blender drink Margarita the same way a real cowboy resembles Howdy Doody. Nothing pink about this drink.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink

3. Mercadito
Mercadito makes Margaritas many ways. In fact, this is a great place to sample many different tequila and juice combos to go with your authentic guacamole. But, again, Mercadito's classic seals the deal, especially when we're pairing it with food. The Mercadito classic ($10.50) is made with El Jimador blanco tequila, fresh lime, organic agave, and a touch of Grand Marnier.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

2. Cantina Beach at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne
Here's a Margarita that catches the colors of the sunset. Cantina Beach's Gold Brick Margarita ($15) is made with Cuervo gold, fresh strawberries and mango, lime juice, and Grand Marnier. With a gorgeous view of the beach and sand in your toes, consider yourself on vacation -- if only for an hour.

Top Ten Margaritas: Classic, Spicy, and Pink
Laine Doss

1. The Broken Shaker
This new pop-up wins our hearts and imaginations for number one. The Broken Shaker's Agave Garden ($10) starts with muddled red bell pepper for sweetness and freshness, then layers in tequila, fresh lime, and a home-made spicy agave syrup. Spicy, fresh, addictive.

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