The Water Club Opens in North Miami Beach

Last night The Water Club opened its doors to the public after an expensive and extensive makeover to what was once the famous Shooters location. The new look includes a to-the-ceiling wine room, '70s style yellow lounge sofas, and portrait photo collages of Miami icons.Inside, guests can can sit and dine comfortably under dim lighting or float around full bar. Outside, the deck gives unobstructed views of the intracoastal, complete with projection screen TVs, another full bar, and the infamous pool. Expect to see a line up of yachts on the dock come weekends.

A few things have changed since we blogged about this in 2009. The kitchen lay in the hands of Top Chef's Season 7 contestant Andrea Curto-Randazzo and her husband Frank. Their culinary bag of tricks includes tender pulled-pork sliders with spicy jalepeño and cheddar cheese and lobster bisque with blue crab meat, sweet corn fresh chili salad, and fresh chives.

Tonight they will open at 6 p.m. and will begin opening for lunch on Saturday.

The Water Club
3969 NE 163 Street, North Miami Beach

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Liana Lozada

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