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10 Best Wynwood Restaurants

There's no denying it: Miami's arts district has become a food mecca.
Connecticut-based Barcelona Wine Bar is open in Wynwood.
Connecticut-based Barcelona Wine Bar is open in Wynwood. Barcelona Wine Bar photo
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There's no denying it: Wynwood has become one of Miami's greatest spots for food.

For the past few years, it's become the place to go for some of the city's most creative restaurants, craft breweries, and unique cocktails.

From sushi and tapas to an Asian food hall, Wynwood's dining spots are as vibrant and diverse as the street art that covers the colorful neighborhood.
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B-Side by Itamae serves up innovative rolls with a Peruvian kick.
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143 NW 23rd St., Miami
Walk through a tiny record store/bodega to get to 1-800-Lucky, a 10,000-square-foot Asian food hall with indoor and outdoor seating. 1-800-Lucky offers several vendors serving everything from dumplings at Yip, Chinese at Gold Marquess, or ramen at Usagi. B-Side is a must, as well, where brother and sister duo Nando and Valerie Chang, along with their father Fernando Chang, serve up signature rolls and vibrant tiraditos. End your meal with a bottle of sake or a Japanese draft beer.
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The paella mariscos at Barcelona Wine Bar
Barcelona Wine Bar photo

Barcelona Wine Bar

310 NW 25th St., Miami
Barcelona Wine Bar, a popular Spanish tapas and wine bar with locations across the U.S., has brought its chic European vibe to Wynwood. Unlike most restaurants touting small plates and shareable servings, Barcelona firmly embraces tapas-style dining with a sprawling menu that combines more than 40 dishes. The menu touches on Spanish and Mediterranean fare, with rotating and seasonal offerings that hint at influences from North Africa, South America, and Southern France. Expect a long list of Spanish and European wines, beers, and internationally inspired cocktails to pair with the myriad small plates, charcuterie, and main plates.
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Signature Wagyu burger at Beaker & Gray
Photo by Daniel Kocsis

Beaker & Gray

2637 N. Miami Ave., Miami
Beaker & Gray is a lively restaurant that places equal importance on its cocktail and food menus, thanks to partners Brian Nasajon and Ben Potts. Nasajon serves as executive chef, while Potts sees to the bar program. Cocktails come light and easy (shaken) or hard and heavy (stirred), with a good selection of mocktails as well. The food is significantly elevated from the usual pub grub. Favorites like chicken wings, fried rice, and gnocchi all come with a sophisticated twist.
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The sprawling interior of Chimba in Midtown offers a space for every occasion.
Michelle Muslera


2830 NE Second Ave., Miami
Argentinian-based restaurant group Grupo Alfoz has expanded to Miami with the debut of its all-day eatery, Chimba. In Latin America, chimba is a slang term used to describe something either really good or really bad. In this case, it references the group's restaurant that celebrates Latin American flavors and cultures ranging from Argentina and Mexico to Peru. The menu features a wide range of brunch, lunch, and dinner dishes, from homemade empanadas and acai bowls and small to large plates. Try the in-house cured fish served atop sourdough toast with chive cream cheese, sunchoke, tangerine, and sprouts; a choripán sandwich filled with chorizo, salsa criolla, lettuce, and aioli; and the key lime tres leches layered with key lime custard, Italian meringue, and vanilla streusel. For drinks, the bar offers wine, beer, specialty cocktails, vermouth, and a gin and tonic menu. Signature libations include the "Terré Collins" shaken with gin, yerba mate syrup, sauvignon blanc, fresh grapefruit, lemon juice, basil, and fever tree tonic.
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A spread at Wynwood's Doma
Photo courtesy of Doma


35 NE 26th St., Miami
When Luca Lomonaco opened Doma in Wynwood in 2018, he had two goals in mind. The first, in line with the aspirations of most restaurateurs, was to create a space that embraced hospitality at its finest. The second was more focused: present a modern take on classic Italian dishes that would maintain a familiar essence while tipping toward subtle, contemporary twists. As Doma marks its fifth anniversary, Lomonaco says he feels a sense of accomplishment that his initial aspirations continue to define the establishment's identity in Miami's fast-growing dining scene. Amid the ever-changing landscape, especially within the Wynwood neighborhood, it's no accident that Doma has cultivated a dedicated local base — something many establishments strive to do, but few succeed.
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Hiyakawa's pristine dining room
Photo by Luis Mora


2700 N. Miami Ave., Miami
Art dealer Alvaro Perez Miranda has turned into one of Miami's most astute restaurateurs with his carefully curated collection of restaurants, including the excellent casual sushi restaurant Wabi Sabi. At Hiyakawa, Perez Miranda's art aesthetic is in full view: The dining room is framed in curved wooden arches that resemble the inside of a whale or ark (whichever strikes your fancy). The food matches its surroundings in pristine beauty. Fish is flown in daily from the Toyosu Fish Market in Toyko, and a team of sushi chefs turns it into sushi platters or an omakase experience.
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Marygold's fennel pollen Caesar salad.
Marygold's by Brad Kilgore

MaryGold's by Brad Kilgore

2217 NW Miami Ct., Miami
In the past decade, Miami's culinary scene has risen to new heights thanks to some creative individuals who have helped shape the way the Magic City eats and drinks. At the Arlo Wynwood hotel, MaryGold's offers a return to Miami for chef Brad Kilgore, whose menu is inspired by Florida's lush bounty, with everything from grouper al pastor and the fresh catch of the day to short rib vaca frita and unique pastas.
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Ossobuco's menu focuses on meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked over an open flame.
Ossobuco photo


62 NW 27th St., Miami
A new restaurant featuring fire-grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables has opened at Complex Sentral in Wynwood. Former Hilton West Palm Beach executive chef Guillermo Eleicegui is the toque behind Ossobuco, a restaurant that offers diners his take on global cuisine with a focus on spotlight ingredients cooked over an open fire. The menu is meant to be explored with shareable servings that range from osso buco empanadas, Wagyu tartare, and ricotta gnocchi to pollo a la brasa, charred sweetbreads, and grilled octopus. A thoughtful wine, cocktail, and dessert menu round out the experience.
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Shā offers Mediterranean fare in Wynwood.
Shā photo


97 NW 25th St., Miami
Looking for housemade pasta? Fresh from the oven pizza? Bao buns or hamachi crudo? Find the ultimate fusion flare with Shā, where a Mediterranean-Asian menu offers a little bit of everything, all with a touch of European influence. An expansive selection of natural wines from boutique vineyards and artfully crafted cocktails pair perfectly with dishes inspired by a vast array of culinary influences, from duck dumplings and tuna carpaccio to pizzas and pasta — even curry chicken or shrimp.
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Find some of the city's best sushi at Uchi in Wynwood.
Uchi photo


252 NW 25th St., Miami
When Uchi chef/owner Tyson Cole opened his first sushi spot — the word uchi translating to "home" in Japanese — inside a refurbished bungalow in Austin, Texas, his goal was to create the "perfect bite" with every dish. Today, Miami diners can experience the chef's interpretation of non-traditional Japanese cuisine at his Wynwood restaurant. The concept is perhaps best demonstrated with the chef's popular hama chili: raw yellowtail snapper, Thai chili, orange supreme wedges, ponzu, and olive oil. A single bite marries spicy, sweet, and savory all at once. If you've come for the sushi, however, you're in luck. Much of the menu is dedicated to makimono (sliced sushi rolls), sushi and sashimi, and Toyosu selections — an extensive list of fresh fish flown directly from the Tokyo market of the same name. If you're looking to experiment further, try an omakase option, a choice of a six- or ten-course chef's tasting menu, or a vegan version of the same.
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