Summer Desserts at the Dutch: Churros, Coconut Cream Pie, and Ice Cream Cake

Fruit is in season, the weather is sticky hot, and the seasonal sweets menu at the Dutch has been revamped. Queens-born executive pastry chef Josh Gripper, who has worked with restaurant royalty in NYC and has been with the Dutch in South Beach since it opened, has much more than famed pies in his sugar arsenal.

His cherry-on-top twist employs French technique to give modern American desserts a special quality that makes them not too sweet but oh so delectable. Last night, our sweet tooth was treated to his latest creations.

The star of the evening was the coconut cream pie ($12). It was light as can be and had the flavors of Southeast Asia. The cream-dream pie comes with a brown sugar cookie crust, pistachio and cashew, lychee and Fresno chili sauce, cilantro sauce, bananas, and mango sorbet. The dessert was so sophisticated and so delightful. 

The other fruity dessert worth mentioning was the strawberry-almond ice cream cake ($12) served with bruleed peaches and an orange tarragon sauce. The layers of the ice cream cake had a crunch of Italian almond cookies. Gripper said it was an "adult take on the Good Humor bar." 

For a lighter twist on the chocolate side, the milk chocolate and cherries ($12) is a top pick. Inside a light chocolate mousse lies some lemon cream. It is studded with mini meringues and dusted with matcha green tea. Candied cherries and a salted vanilla sorbet are also in the mix.

The chocolate souffle ($12) is fairly traditional, but the raspberry jam and mint chocolate chip ice cream take it to the next level. Forget that neon green ice cream flavor, this mint tastes like it is fresh from the garden.

The fried sweet on the dessert menu is churros and donuts ($12). The churros have a hint of orange zest and pair perfectly with the guava and dulce de leche sauces. Watch out for the cream-filled donuts; our tablemate ended up with an explosion on his shirt.

These new summer sweets prove once again that desserts at the Dutch are not to be missed.

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Carina Ost