Simply Sharon's Cookies: Six Ingredients, Gluten-Free and Good for You

If Cookie Monster wants to stick around long enough to hear Elmo's voice change, he should probably cut back on the butter, eggs and sugar. Those chocolate chip cookies he inhales look a lot like supermarket-bought, mass produced crap.

The blue man should totally switch to Simply Sharon's Miami-made treats. Vegan, gluten-free and whipped up with only six ingredients, they come in cashew, almond, and pistachio. Plus they're so satisfying, he'd be good with one or two. Binge eating begone.

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The chewy, nutrient dense treats were dreamed up by Loren Pulitzer, local plant-based chef, founder of Meals That Heal and co-creator of F.E.A.S.T. Miami.

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The cookies are an ode to Pulitzer's love of sweets, as well as her late mother, Sharon, who died of lupus when Loren was 7. Pulitzer suffers from the same affliction, but has utilized her love for food as part of her treatment -- hence her work with Meals That Heal.

"I believe if she had access to the info I have access to as far as doing things alternatively and looking for food to be thy medicine instead of pills being thy medicine, I believe she wouldn't have died so young and she could have been healthier," Pulitzer says of her mother.

These are cookies with a higher purpose.

Pulitzer attended traditional baking school, but as she transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, she didn't think she (or anyone else) should have to cut out the goodies.

"Over the years I found out that when I eat things like eggs, butter and wheat it makes me feel awful. But I love desserts and I love sweets," she said.

So four years ago, Simply Sharon's was born. The cookies are made with nut flour, nut butter, organic vanilla, baking powder, Himalayan pink salt, and maple syrup as a sweetener. Six ingredients and all good for you.

"The cookies are high in protein and they behave differently in your body than a Chips Ahoy."

Plus, she adds, "You don't want to eat like eight of them -- you really only want to have one or two."

We can vouch. She shared some samples with us and the dense, delicious treats satisfy a sweet tooth in just a couple of bites.

So where can you buy these tasty morsels? Choices Cafe UES, Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin and several other South Florida locations. Plus, you can always order them online.

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