Ra Sushi Happy Hour for the Non-Traditionalists Among Us

Place: Ra Sushi
5829 SW 73rd St., South Miami

Hours: Monday through Saturday 3 to 7 p.m. Late-night happy hour Sunday 8 p.m. to closing.

Deals: Half off select sushi and appetizers and drink specials on Kirin Sake bombers ($6), wine and specialty drinks ($5), well drinks ($4), domestic beer ($3), and hot sake ($2).

Scene: Don't ask them to lower the volume during happy hour at Ra Sushi. It's how Ra rolls. You'll know it's happy hour when the red ceiling lights descend and the loud music gets even more ear-throbbing.

It's mostly a college-age crowd, with UM students gathering for half off select sushi and all manner of booze. The Sunday late night happy hour is especially popular for those with no early Monday classes scheduled. Ra Sushi is a mainstay in any South Miami bar hopping romp but enough patrons stay put the whole night through to make seating hard to find even outside on hot summer nights.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a nice, calm, traditional sushi restaurant to enjoy happy hour, DO NOT go to Ra Sushi. There is very little Japanese serenity to be found there and new fusion sushi menu is replete with cooked fish and sweet American style sauces and garnishes -- wasabi and soy sauce are almost an afterthought. Still, the rolls are fun and tasty for non-discerning sushi fans and great deals on fish and cocktails make having a good time easier than holding chopsticks.

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