Pasha's has a Discothèque for a Bathroom

Do you ever feel the urge to dance immediately after emptying your bladder? If you do, Short Order suggests you head over to your nearest Pasha's, where you'll find bathrooms featuring disco balls and club music. Just make sure the floor isn't being cleaned, otherwise you might slip while pulling a John Travolta.

Owner Antonio Ellek told Short Order the idea came when the

company's board was brainstorming ways to make Pasha's a fun place where he could "surprise customers pleasantly." Surprise. It worked; The disco bathrooms made a big splash.

Every Pasha's location had mirrors on the ceilings to add to the fun,

playful vibe. The concept worked for one-person bathrooms like the facility in Brickell. For the Pasha's on Lincoln Road, on the other hand,

management found customers preferred not to look up and see Joe

Blow on the can. So they scrapped the mirror, but left the disco ball and tunes,

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