Nutella Ice Cream Arriving at Carvel; Nutella Truck Tour Coming to Miami

Nutella. The mere mention of the creamy hazelnut spread that works in sandwiches, on apples, in recipes, and just straight out of the jar, brings most into a state of nirvana.

So, how can you improve perfection? By making it into ice cream!

Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, have teamed up with Carvel to make the first ever Nutella ice cream.

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The ice cream will be available at all Carvel shops starting June 30 through September 30. The Nutella ice cream will be offered as both a hand-scooped chocolate ice cream layered with Nutella hazelnut spread and as a soft-serve treat.

Nutella ice cream can also be enjoyed in Carvel's Sundae Dashers, which layer the soft-serve with either Carvel Crunchies (those delightful chocolatey crumbles) or bananas, then tops everything with whipped cream...and more Nutella!

Carvel President Scott Colwell is excited for the Nutella/Carvel summer romance, saying, "Nutella has such a loyal following and we know our guests will be thrilled that it's being paired with our fresh ice cream."

This, of course, is an iconic partnership in more ways than one because both brands are celebrating significant birthdays.

Founded in 1934, Carvel marks their 80th year serving ice cream to kids of all ages. The company, famous for its soft-serve cones and Cookie Puss and Fudgie The Whale cakes, is the first retail ice cream franchise in the country.

Nutella, introduced in Italy by Ferreroin the 1960s, is celebrating its 50th anniversary (Nutella has been imported to the United States for over 25 years). As part of the celebration, the Nutella"Spread the Happy" Truck Tour will visit 16 cities in the U.S. this year, giving away Nutella swag and samples -- but sadly, no ice cream. You have to go to Carvel for frozen goodness. The truck hits South Florida August 8 through 12. Stay tuned for details and locations.

To find your local Carvel shop (and get your hands on some Nutella ice cream), visit Carvel's location finder at

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