New York Times Highlights Ten Fine Miami Bakeries — and Readers Add at Least Ten More

Zak the Baker's chocolate babka
Zak the Baker's chocolate babka Photo by Nicole Danna
Miami's dining scene isn't new to the New York Times. The Gray Lady frequently visits the Magic City, as in this January 2021 feature on Plaza Seafood Market.

Of course, when writing an article, you can't please everyone. A 2013 Times feature on "36 Hours in Miami" featured uninspired chestnuts as restaurant choices — and New Times called them on it.

This week, the Times ran a picturesque feature showcasing ten Miami bakeries. Writers Brett Anderson and Christina Morales (and photographer James Jackman) highlighted a mix of both high-end and more modest local establishments, including Bachour, Breadman Miami Bakery, Knaus Berry Farm, Madruga Bakery, and Zak the Baker.

A grateful Zak Stern posted his thanks for the inclusion of Zak the Baker on Instagram, mentioning several spots that should have shared the spotlight, including True Loaf Bakery, Paradis Books & Bread, and Bettant Bakery.
Stern wasn't alone in pointing out that the Times had missed some Miami favorites. More than 75 commenters chimed in, many mentioning beloved bakeries they'd liked to have seen in the story.

Said Elizabeth from Coral Gables: "Oh my goodness, how did they miss the decadent and delectable French bakery, Chocolate Fashion, in Coral Gables?!?"
click to enlarge Croissants at L'Artisane Bakery in Coral Gables are good enough to be on New York Times' list. - PHOTO BY JONATHAN MOLEA AND EDUARDO HERNANDEZ
Croissants at L'Artisane Bakery in Coral Gables are good enough to be on New York Times' list.
Photo by Jonathan Molea and Eduardo Hernandez
RS from San Juan, Puerto Rico lamented the fact that L'Artisane in Coral Gables wasn't mentioned, describing it as the "lovely, family run vegan bakery and bistro where one finds carefully sourced vegan scrumptious pastries — and even a lovely quiche in a quinoa based crust."

Mia from Miami wondered about the absence of doughnuts: "Are donuts not considered baked goods since they are fried? The Salty Donut certainly deserves some kind of shout-out. Best Donuts in the country, they make me feel lucky to live in South Florida."

Brett in New York City agreed with Zak Stern about True Loaf, for its "[g]reat croissants, bread, pies, brownies, babka, sandwiches - and the signature cream cheese cookies are fantastic." (True Loaf received multiple thumbs-ups from Miamians who took the time to comment on its exclusion from the list.)

Where are the cookies? A.R.S. from Miami wanted to know: "Missed Cindy Lou’s which has a steady following but not a splashy location. Customers coming in all day long and traditional baked goods, mostly cookies, with a twist are amazing. It’s a total indulgence and a solid choice in Miami."

And Rose from Chicago would prefer to have seen Haitian bakeries make the cut: "You chronicled bakeries in Miami and didn’t include a single Haitian bakery…In Miami? Really? Literally the home of Little Haiti. That feels intentionally disrespectful. Shame on you NYT. I know not to trust any of your recommendations going forward."

Other bakeries that earn honorable mention include vegan sensation Bunnie Cakes, Mojo Donuts, Sullivan Street Bakery, and La Provence — to name only a few.

Miami has a rich and diverse culinary scene. No one article could begin to scratch the surface of everything we have to eat in Miami. Maybe the Times will return for a sequel. 
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Laine Doss is the food and spirits editor for Miami New Times. She has been featured on Cooking Channel's Eat Street and Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. She won an Alternative Weekly award for her feature about what it's like to wait tables.
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