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Moby Visits Art Basel Dinner at Conscious Bite Out

In a Midtown warehouse space called The Sacred Space, lives a secret underground dining experience: Conscious Bite Out. With all natural, 100 percent organic fare, they have hosted many a private foodie gathering, and last week's Art Basel dinner with chef Jonathan Gambino from 3 Sister's Farm was no exception. Even the singer Moby was in attendance. We started off with a yucca pancake with fresh coconut chutney and a basil, arugula, chayote salad with a toasted coriander banana vinaigrette.

Out came the boniato (tropical sweet potato) stuffed bok choy with fresh turmeric, ginger, and fresh black pepper berries that was sweet and dense.

Then we had wood-fired eggplant bhartha, callaloo saag, green beans and jacknut, field grown cucumber raita with local brown rice and authentic whole wheat naan which was rich, flavorful and complex.

And to add a sweet conclusion to this four course meal, we had a dulce de cassava sitting in fresh coconut milk, with a hibiscus flower, pistachios, and starfruit glazed in honey.

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Anais Alexandre