Miami's Ten Best Chef Instagrams to Follow

Miami's Ten Best Chef Instagrams to Follow
Photo by astarot / Shutterstock
Instagram has given new meaning to the term "food porn." With the advent of fantastic camera technology in most cell phones, taking quality pictures of your food and posting them to social media has become the norm.

Everyone from bloggers to casual diners post photos of doughnuts and burgers as often as they do their kids and kittens.

The practice of photographing a beautiful meal is also used by chefs. Some toques use it as a tool to display remarkable creations. Others simply want to share their culinary travels and adventures with the world.

The chefs on this list are all veterans of Miami's best kitchens and provide a peek into their passion for food. Whether they're Antonio Bachour’s surreal desserts or Jeremy Ford’s gourmet creations, these visual treats can inspire you to make something great yourself or at the very least serve as an enjoyable diversion from the day-to-day.
1. Antonio Bachour, @bachour1234
Artful is the best way to describe pastry dynamo Antonio Bachour’s Instagram account. His dessert creations are otherworldly and aesthetically amazing. The chef posts pictures of the treats he makes at his Bachour Bakery + Bistro. He also chronicles dishes he’s enjoyed at other eateries, leaving followers with plenty of recommendations to take on their travels.
2. Brad Kilgore, @brad_kilgore
Alter’s chef/partner has a knack for making even a raw cut of Kobe beef look appetizing. After a nudge from his wife and friends, he created his Instagram account, which now claims thousands of followers. His method is to take stunning pictures of food on pristine white backgrounds and sprinkle in a healthy dose of travel pictures.

Gnocchi & Mushrooms

A photo posted by Jeremy Ford (@chefjeremyford) on

3. Jeremy Ford, @chefjeremyford
Top Chef winner Jeremy Ford’s Instagram feed is centered on capturing what kitchen life is all about and allowing those who haven’t met him to get to know him. He posts shots of the dishes he makes at Matador Room, such as lamb with chili sauce, along with personal pictures. Ford's tip for would-be Instagrammers: Don't shy away from editing apps like Snapseed or Instagram’s editing features.
4. Adrianne Calvo, @chefadrianne
The owner of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar boasts more than 100,000 followers. Whether it features a closeup of a bone-in rib eye or her famous pomme bisque, her Instagram feed will leave you drooling. The chef and TV host also stirs in behind-the-scenes footage and food tips to educate and entertain her fans.

House of Fun... @chefdanny_cookingbyheart

A photo posted by Danny Kitchen Mafia (@chefdanny_cookingbyheart) on

5. Danny Khoetchapalayook, @chefdanny_cookingbyheart
If sushi is your thing, Chef Danny’s Instagram needs to be your next follow. The NaiYaRa toque posts photos of rolls and sashimi arranged more fashionably than a Vogue shoot. Delicate pieces of fish are crowned with gold flakes, dressed with flowers, and displayed with care, making each post a feast for the eyes.
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