Mignonette Uptown's bagel tower is offered only during brunch.EXPAND
Mignonette Uptown's bagel tower is offered only during brunch.
Courtesy of Mignonette

Mignonette Uptown Launches Weekend Brunch With Bagel Tower

When Mignonette Uptown opened this past January at 13951 Biscayne Blvd., seafood fans in Northeast Miami-Dade were in for a culinary treat. The restaurant, a partnership between chef Daniel Serfer and Ryan Roman, replaced the Gourmet Diner, swapping steak frites and burgers for oysters and lobster rolls. Beginning April 1, the restaurant will open its doors for weekend brunch.

“This brunch menu has a little bit of everything," Serfer says. "Some Mignonette, some McDonald’s breakfast, some Blue Collar, and some serious sweets."

According to Serfer, who successfully launched brunch at his other establishments — Blue Collar and Mignonette in Edgewater — Uptown's midday meal was mostly designed by chef de cuisine Anthony Ciancio, blending seafood staples with classic diner fare.

The most notable item on Mignonette Uptown's new brunch menu is a bagel tower ($49). Stocked with smears, veggies, and fish, the platter is enough to fill a group of three or four. It comes with three lightly toasted bagels sourced from a local deli, along with an assortment of traditional New York-style bagel fixings, such as shellfish, Durham Tracklement’s smoked salon, fish dip, capers, tomatoes, and red onion.

Mignonette Uptown Launches Weekend Brunch With Bagel Tower (3)EXPAND
Courtesy of Mignonette

Those craving a mashup of sweet and savory should opt for the French fried chicken toast ($16). Crunchy chicken fingers are stuffed inside a half-shell of crisp brioche bread that's dipped in a sweet egg batter and fried. Miso-maple syrup is infused within the bread and chicken during prep, and extra syrup is served alongside.

Benedict lovers can order the poached-egg-and-hollandaise dish served on a crisp latke instead of an English muffin. Top it off with seafood, such as Maine lobster or crab, or opt for the "Fancied" version, which packs caviar between the egg and latke.

Mignonette Uptown Launches Weekend Brunch With Bagel TowerEXPAND
Courtesy of Mignonette

At some point during your meal, snag a honey butter rum bun ($7). It works well as an appetizer or a sweet ending. The light dough boasts an ideal level of sweetness. Though it's large enough to satisfy a few diners, it won't leave you in a food coma.

Brunch runs from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Visit mignonettemiami.com.

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