Miami's Five Best Floral Dishes to Try This Spring

Dishes adorned with edible flowers are more common than ever, and with spring in the air, the trend is only growing stronger. Delicate petals in colorful hues provide an immediate wow factor, but there’s more to love than just their good looks. Fight the instinctive urge to nudge them aside; these are far from a pesky and extraneous garnish. Given the right treatment, edible flowers can provide fragrant, elegant notes that stand up surprisingly well even to richer flavors. The savory and sweet floral plates at the following Miami restaurants fully showcase the potential of petals.
5. Coconut pancakes with lavender maple syrup at Matador Room
The coconut pancakes ($16) on Matador Room’s brunch menu are delightfully thick and fluffy, but what really makes this breakfast dish special is the floral syrup. The lavender’s presence is evident without becoming too assertive and complements the dark, oaky notes of the maple. Atop a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar, grapefruit segments cut the sweetness with a dose of bright acidity. More important, though, they’re the redeeming quality that makes this decadent dish acceptable for the first meal of the day. It’s just like eating fruit for brunch, right?
4. Zucchini blossoms at Le Zoo
The popular preparation of this flower – stuffed and deep-fried in tempura batter – has been done many times before. Yet as with most culinary ventures, Stephen Starr does it better. The humble handful of blossoms comes at a steep $18, but Le Zoo's version of the beloved appetizer is a elegant upgrade. They're stuffed with crabmeat, sealed in a crisp tempura batter, and served alongside créme fraîche for dipping. The crunchy, decadent bites are reminiscent of comforting American bar fare, elevated in Le Zoo's luxurious brasserie style. 

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