Miami’s Top Five Hangover Breakfasts for Post-Ultra Mornings

After spending a full day in a chaotic crowd under the hot sun as EDM blasts through monumental speakers, post-Ultra Music Festival mornings can be tough. There are two options when it comes to a culinary cure: Detox with light, clean fare and fresh-pressed juices, or go for all things cheesy, greasy, and deep-fried. From diners to a bagel shop to an organic eatery, these restaurants offer the best recovery meals. So when Miami’s party scene gives you a night to remember – or not – the restaurant scene is there to take the edge off the next day.
5. S&S Diner
Miami’s oldest diner serves all the curing food favorites that are worth getting out of bed for. A recovery breakfast is no time for calorie counting, so order a big ol' omelet and the signature oversize pancakes. S&S is an especially solid choice after nights of excessive spending, because the menu is filled with combo deals like biscuits, eggs, and gravy for $7.95 and French toast and eggs with potatoes or grits for $8.95. Of course, there’s also the trusty egg sandwich ($4.25), a guaranteed postparty pick-me-up.
4. Blue Collar
Looking to nurse a hangover with a bit more dignity? After a long night out, Blue Collar has the comfort food you crave in a cozy, charming atmosphere. It serves traditional breakfast items with a modern twist; lemon ricotta pancakes ($17) and the Duck “McMuffin” ($19) are just two of the menu’s playful and satisfying dishes. Or skip the breakfast options and go for the Mac ($16), because there’s really nothing that four flavorful cheeses melted with bacon can’t fix.

3. Toasted Bagelry & Deli
A hefty serving of carbs is just what the doctor ordered after a three-day music festival or a South Beach all-nighter. Toasted Bagelry & Deli makes some of the best bagels in town, claiming to outshine even the worshiped New York variety. They are undoubtedly downright delicious, whether solo with a shmear of cream cheese, alongside egg platters, or featured in a breakfast sandwich. Lighter options such as salads and bakery items are also available, and the iced coffee is topped with coffee ice cubes for a stronger brew and maximized caffeination.
2. Under the Mango Tree
This juice bar is a go-to for locals seeking a fresh boost of energy, so it’s ideal for a morning-after meal. Under the Mango Tree’s healing fare includes açaí bowls with organic ingredients and veggie melts on dark German bread. The creamy, colorful smoothies create a delicious blend of sweetness and vitamin-packed superfoods, like in the Marley (banana, almond milk, kale spinach, and peanut butter) for $6. Pair one with an Extra Strength Tylenol and a tall glass of water to feel good as new. And if your hangover has put you on bed rest, Under the Mango Tree delivers.
1. Jimmy’s Eastside Diner
There’s just something special about a classic diner. Maybe it’s the endearing details — vinyl booths, tile flooring, vintage lighting — or the familiarity of the fare. Whatever the reason, that signature charm is guaranteed to lift your spirits even after a long night out. Jimmy’s Eastside Diner captures all the crucial ingredients for a great diner in a city where such establishments are few and far between. At Jimmy’s, even out-of-towners can feel like neighborhood regulars, and this welcoming vibe makes this spot a perfect hungover-breakfast destination. No judgment, just honest comfort food at affordable prices. Choose one of the breakfast deals, like the No. 2: two eggs, Jimmy’s jumbo country sausage, home fries or hash browns, toast, and orange juice. They’re all under $10 and served until closing at 4 p.m., so feel free to wait till 3 o’clock to roll out of bed.

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