Beaker & Gray bar manager Ben Potts.
Beaker & Gray bar manager Ben Potts.

Miami Bartenders Share Their Hangover Cures

New Year's Eve is a wonderful night filled with celebration. Then comes the morning.

January 1 begins with you cursing the day you ever met champagne. Your head is pounding, your heart is racing, and you feel dizzy and nauseated.

The Mayo Clinic says the only sure cure for a hangover is time, but countless remedies can help alleviate the suffering.

Miami bartenders and industry professionals are pros at fighting hangovers. Here are some of their favorite cures to help you survive the aftermath of New Year's Eve.

"Turmeric, honey, cayenne, lemon, and ginger or your classic bloody mary with a good, hearty stout instead of vodka." — Andi Cruzatti, the Corner Bar, 1035 N. Miami Ave. Miami; 305-961-7887.

"Hangovers are best handled by exercise," Ben Potts says. The bar manager purifies his body by drinking two 8-Hr Energy shots and two liters of water, followed by a two-mile run. "Top it all off with Advil, and you'll be right as rain." — Ben Potts, Beaker & Gray, 2637 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-699-2637; beakerandgray.com.

Ariel Esteban Juver picked up a hair-of-the-dog recipe while tending bar at the Blind Barber in New York City. "It's a Russian concoction of chilled citrus vodka, lemon juice, and Tabasco. The lemon juice and Tabasco help detox the body, while the vodka takes off the edge." — Ariel Esteban Juver, Mac's Pubs Mobile Bar, macspubs.com.

"Drink Pedialyte before and after the bar. Once the electrolytes have settled in, have some greasy food and a cold beer." — Katherine Castro, MIA Beer Company, 10400 NW 33rd St., Doral; 786-801-1721; mia.beer.

"To avoid a hangover, drink tequila on the rocks and chase it with water. Repeat." The day after, eat "a good burger and an IPA." — Matthew Kuscher, Lokal Burgers & Beer, 3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove; 305-442-3377; kushhospitality.com.

Onsite specialist Yelitza Reveles reaches for "the bottle of Excedrin and ginger tea." Charcoal pills are also in her lineup. "They absorb everything and help you feel a lot better." — Yelitza Reveles, Proximo Spirits, proximospirits.com.

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