MdoughW Delivers Cookie Cups to Your Doorstep

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Margo Wolfe, the mastermind behind MdoughW, is an Instagram sensation who never thought she would make it big. When she began baking and taking pictures of her homemade cookie cups, she was looking to start a new hobby, not a full-fledged business. But now she's collaborating with one of the world’s biggest retailers to expand her dessert brand.

MdoughW is a Miami-based company that ships freshly baked cookie cups to locations anywhere in the United States. Each treat begins with a cookie-dough base but is then filled with another sweet such as a brownie, Oreo cookie, or Twix bar to create a dessert. Wolfe began making these combinations in 2015 and has watched MdoughW become a business overnight. 

“When I put pictures of my cookies on Instagram, I wasn’t thinking of selling them at all,” Wolfe says. “I was just starting a food page like anybody else. But when I started turning down all these orders I never thought I would have, I created a website. I launched MdoughW when social media was becoming a big tool for businesses.”

Wolfe kept her identity a secret for four or five months, hoping that people would focus on the product she was selling rather than the person standing behind it. She used pseudonyms to answer emails from her friends and began using her house as a bakery. 

“I had to know if this business was a good idea,” Wolfe says. "I didn’t want people to support me just because they knew me, so I only told my parents and two other friends. It's hard because when you’re working for someone else, you want to be a good employee, but when you’re working for yourself, it's your own thing and you don’t care about staying up all night.”

When MdoughW reached 100,000 followers on Instagram and was contacted by Business Insider, Wolfe finally planned her big reveal. She released a short video confirming her identity and ceased being an anonymous baker for good.

“My initials are 'MDW,' so people probably could have figured it out,” Wolfe says, “but people freaked out when they realized it was me.”

All of MdoughW’s desserts are made-to-order online and Wolfe doesn't plan to open a retail store. After owning two frozen yogurt shops and working in the restaurant industry for six years, she's excited to set her own schedule and work on her own time.  

"I've always been an entrepreneur, and I like to work for myself," Wolfe says, “I got my work ethic from my dad. He taught me to always find a way to work things out.” 
Though Wolfe began baking cookies using only chocolate and vanilla, cookie dough flavors now range from Fruity Pebbles to Funfetti and from Oreo to chocolate chip. Each DIY kit comes with four cookie cups, two icings, two wooden spoons, and one topping, so everyone is free to create a dessert any way they choose. One box is priced at $26.99, which does not include shipping or any additional costs. 

MdoughW will soon pair with one of the world’s largest retailers to expand its brand to a wider customer base. (Wolfe declined to name the retailer but said it would be forthcoming.) According to Wolfe, her company will no longer be just about sending people gifts of cookies to their homes, but rather, it will be something that can be found in casinos and airlines and on cruise ships.  

“This company has already exceeded my expectations,” she says, “and I am excited for its growth to continue.”

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.