Lost City Brewing's Chris Campos (left) and Daniel Morales make a batch of brew at Campos' home in Miami.EXPAND
Lost City Brewing's Chris Campos (left) and Daniel Morales make a batch of brew at Campos' home in Miami.
Photo by David Minsky

Lost City Brewing Company Coming to North Miami

North Miami is getting a second brewery, and the first one hasn't even opened yet.

Lost City Brewing Company
signed a lease for a location at 12207 NE 13th Ct., two blocks from MOCA Plaza, according city documents.

Descarga Brewing Company, North Miami's other brewery, is slated to open at 12355 NE 13th Ave. Neither brewery has announced an opening date.

Chris Campos and Daniel Morales are two of the brewers behind Lost City Brewing. Diego Escobar, who owned and operated Miami Beach's Abraxas Lounge for many years before its closing in 2013, is listed as a managing partner. Neither immediately responded to New Times' requests for comment.

The growth of the craft beer industry has captivated North Miami, according to North Miami Brewfest organizer Nick Armada, who says the city sees the industry as a neighborhood revitalizer. According to city documents, North Miami awarded Descarga Brewing at least $150,000 in business attraction grant money.

"They're getting money together to bring breweries into the city of North Miami," Armada says.

Lost City Brewing has been in the works for several years. Before changing its name to Lost City, the brewing company was formerly known as 4th Age Brewing, which is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Campos and Morales were originally involved with Miami Beer Ventures, which later became Veza Sur Brewing in Wynwood. However, they both later parted ways with the company.

They've become well known on Miami's homebrew circuit. The degree of Campos' and Morales' talent can be defined by their obsession with brewing. When New Times interviewed Campos at his home in 2013, he gave a tour of his garage, which was filled with tens of thousands of dollars' worth of brewing equipment.

"We're hard-core into this," Campos told New Times.

The partners are also known for their creativity. One of their most popular beers is a flan milk stout (6.6 percent alcohol by volume), a Miami-inspired flagship beer that has won several competition awards across Florida.

Other flagships include the lemongrass golden ale (6.1 percent ABV), which has also won several awards at beer festivals.

Lost City Brewing appeared at the sixth-annual North Miami Brewfest this past December 9. Florida International University's Lazaro Gonzalez featured Campos in a video in which he described his beers, including the flan stout, lemongrass golden ale, and a German Dunkel Weiss. "It is a beautiful-tasting beer," Campos says in the video. "And beautiful-looking."

Lost City Brewing Company. 12207 NE 13th Ct., North Miami; lostcitybrewing.com.

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