Latin Lounge Rubi Now Open in Brickell

There's a new gem in Brickell, and it's called Rubi. On the corner of SW First Avenue, Rubi is a 4,000-square-foot space draped in red that bounces between a lounge, a club, and a mini-restaurant. So whether you're searching for happy hour, a Miami-style late night out, or a quick bite in a hip spot, Rubi wants to be your new Brickell go-to. 

One of Rubi's main draws is the interior decor. It's a cross between old-school royalty and Generation Y chic, and every accessory that can be red is red, playing off the lounge's name and jewel logo. There's a handful of over-the-top chandeliers in all sizes, lounge sofas, flat-screens, tables, a lighting system that projects a mixture of reds and pinks with some sparkle, and an island-style, full-service bar.

The lounge takes no shortcuts in making guests feel like they're inside a larger-than-life jewel. And it wouldn't be a Miami hotspot without a wall that doubles as a perfect selfie spot with the words "You, me, French kiss, now" for a late-night snap.

Besides the flashy lights and over-the-top design, what makes Rubi different from other lounges is the music: It plays Latin and other international hits. "Right now, we're really trying to put the Latin industry and all its music together with a high-standard, American-style club service," general manager Fernando Yanez says. "The industry is growing like crazy, and Brickell is one of the hottest spots in the area to do this."

Though the lounge appeals mainly to those of Hispanic descent, Yanez assures it's a great place for people with no Latin roots as well. "A lot of people who come don't even speak Spanish. It's just a different experience for them."

For Yanez and his team, the goal is to have Rubi be an all-in-one place for the area. Though their weekly schedule isn't solidified yet, they expect to have each day of the week associated with a different theme.

"Tuesday we'll do this, Wednesday we'll do that, Thursday will probably be our ladies' night, Friday will be catered to a younger crowd in their early 20s, and Saturday may be an older crowd in their late 20s, early 30s," Yanez says. 

The lounge also hosts weekday happy hours and plans to host concerts and other A-list acts, with tables starting in the four figures. 

If you're looking for something on the quieter end, Rubi has a midsize terrace with tables, a bar, and food service. The menu ranges from small bites such as yuca fries with garlic parsley aioli and bruschetta with roasted tomato and truffled-balsamic glaze to larger dishes like Thai red snapper, a house burger, and rib-eye steak. Rubi is still working on the menu, so items are still being added and removed.

"We really want to demonstrate all different types of flavors from around the world," Yanez says. "We also want all of our dishes to be shareable, that a group can enjoy."

Rubi is open Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 5 p.m. Its official launch is slated for early September, with more gems slated to pop up in the future. "Rubi is part of something much larger," Yanez says. "Rubi is a gem, and the plan is to open more gems in the nightlife industry around the United States." 

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