Jugofresh is popping-up.
Jugofresh is popping-up.
Courtesy of Jugofresh

Jugofresh to Open Pop-Up With Cocktails

At some point, while sipping on Jugofresh's cold-pressed juices, the devil inside of you must have noted how delicious these would be if only they had a kick of booze. Maybe you've even experimented with your own cocktail creations at home using Jugofresh juices? Stop feeling guilty for adding some prosecco and making the world's healthiest brunch drink, because the Jugofresh team wholeheartedly agrees with you.

This month, Jugofresh is opening a pop-up restaurant at its South Pointe location. The pop-up will still serve creative plant-based cuisine — but now they'll be paired with sake and champagne cocktails and organic, vegan wine. Can we get a Hallelujah?

Jugofresh founder Matt Sherman says the reason for the pop-up, billed R+D Kitchen, is to stretch the imagination and skills of Chef Paco. "It’s been great making juice for Miami and it’s been one way to highlight Chef Paco’s talents but the food you’ll see at our R+D Kitchen pop up will be on a level that you haven’t see from us before."

To create the pop-up, the 30-seat Jugofresh location will be transformed with intimate lighting and playful decor to compliment the dishes and, of course, the cocktails.

The drinks have been developed by Chris Devlin who was tasked with pairing sakes and champagnes with Jugofresh's cold-pressed juices to make healthful and delicious libations. Some examples include the Kyoto Prefecture Social Club, made from raw honey, lime, mint, and organic, unfiltered sake, and the Fresa, Don't Miel at Me with raw honey, muddled strawberries, raw ginger syrup, and organic unfiltered sake. If you insist on keeping you body as an alcohol-free temple, Devlin will also offer a range of cold-pressed juice mocktails.

Menu offerings will include a vegan charcuterie board with adzuki bean Italian sausage, “pepperjack cheese,” sweet and sour Japanese caponata, bread and butter pickles, balsamic figs, and Ezekiel-herbed breadsticks. Other items include small bites, shared plates, and superfood sweets. Although it's not confirmed, this pop-up could very well be the test kitchen for Sherman's new restaurant concept in Miami Beach — hence the R+D Kitchen moniker.

The pop-up is set to open later in July and will serve dinner Thursday through Saturday as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday for a limited summer run. Jugofresh South Pointe will remain open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., serving their usual menu of cold-pressed juice, smoothies, bowls, and grab-and-go food.

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