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Hotel Urbano Scavenger Hunt Happy Hour

Heads up happy hour hunters! Ever thought of stimulating your mind with a little art while sipping on your happy hour beverage of choice? You can do both at Brickell's Hotel Urbano.

They've just launched "Picasso's Happy Hour" in celebration of their partnership with Art Fusion Galleries in Miami. For the hunt, guests are given ten questions and if you can answer at least five correctly, your prize is a complimentary glass of wine or domestic beer. 

"The concept of the hotel is an art boutique," said Bridget Dadd, Director of Sales and Marketing. "We have a huge collection of art that we rotate quarterly... we were trying to brainstorm ideas to generate a buzz and incorporate art with happy hour". We liked her unintentional use of the word "buzz" as a pun.

The scavenger hunt need not apply to art history buffs only. The questions are meant to be more thought provoking than "right and wrong". Said Dadd, "Guests are forced to look at the painting, look at the little tag" and ultimately find the right piece. The best part is you could skip the sneaky Google Image search on your phone and find the answer in the artworks themselves. So stop cheating!

The hotel boasts a large variety of artwork, Dadd told us, showcasing "17 different artists, different styles, mediums... sculptures, ink on paper, and paint on canvas".

We questioned, though, if you only need five correct answers to get your free glass of delight, what happens if you answer all ten? "Maybe in the next rotation we can incorporate a bonus for answering all ten correctly," Dadd said. We vote for a bonus flute of fine champagne!

After the trek down art lover's lane, they're welcoming guests to enjoy the pool, fire-pit, and pool-side cabanas. If you don't want to take part in the hunt and just want to go straight for the happy hour, you can still do so with two-for-one drinks Monday through Friday from 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

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