George Prince Loves Quinabeer

One of the best things about Miami, maybe THE best thing is variety. And by that of course we mean that many different, obscure, flat-out strange soda cans line our grocery store shelves. Most of these beverages have Hispanic and Caribbean roots. As a public service to those of us who never heard of Coco Solo, Jupiña, Ironbeer, and a multitude of others we're starting a weekly post on some of these beverages you won't easily find in middle America.

Not to be confused with its more popular brethren Ironbeer, this is like sugar-infused with carbonation. Actually, you can taste some cherry and orange flavors before you teeth begin to disintegrate (we kid).

It's bottled by Cawy -- the unofficial king of Cuban soft drinks in Miami. The firm's website describes Quinabeer as "pleasant tasting [and] cold, exhibiting a unique refreshing midrange blend of orange and cherry." Huh? You probably shouldn't ask too many questions before drinking Quinabeer.

We have to give props for the bottle design. Champion George Prince, a muscle man from an era long past, adorns the cans. He's also on another Cawy product, Champ's Cola. Apparently, George is a real character, not some mythical body builder. Good luck finding out too much about him though. A call to Cawy didn't get us too far -- no marketing department. They transferred around until we left a message on what we can only assume was George Prince's voice mail.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.