Five Low-Cal, Summer Boozy Drinks: Skinny Margaritas, Creamsicles, Hard Lemonade and Cider

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The 90-plus-degree temps and 100 percent humidity this weekend are evidence that summer is in full swing. Which means beach days, picnics, and poolside parties. But how are Miamians to get their drink on while maintaining a stellar beach bod?

Simple. Opt for some of these delicious low-cal drink choices -- so you can remain sexy and svelte while getting a happy buzz.

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5. Voli Orange Vanilla Fusion

Nothing says summer like a smooth, delicious creamsicle straight out of an ice-cream truck. But as with almost anything else, it's even better with a boozy twist. Enter Voli's Orange Vanilla Fusion, a vodka blend that's low in calories but big on sweetness. It's so tasty you can skip the mixers. Just pour over ice and make the appropriate "Ahhhhhhh" sound.

4. Mike's Lite Hard Lemonade

Ain't nothing better than a tangy, refreshing lemonade on a ball-boiling summer day. Enter Mike's. The "lite" version of the lemonade fave runs only 109 calories and 14 grams of sugars/carbs per bottle. There's also a cranberry-lemonade concoction if you like things a little tarter.

3. Michelob Ultra's Light Cider

Hard cider is the ultimate summer drink. Like spiked apple juice, it's eternally refreshing and oh-so-easy to drink. Too easy, perhaps, but we digress. Scoop up some of Michelob Ultra's Light Cider, a new drink that's easily available and low in calories -- just 120 per bottle. Though it's no craft cider, it's nonetheless diet-friendly and pretty damn delicious.

2. Skinnygirl's Skinnymini Margaritas

Bethenny Frankel's got one hell of a business model. After all, what female doesn't wanna be a skinny girl? And her cocktails aren't half bad. The margarita comes in this handy-dandy carry case, perfect for beach bashes and other no-glass zones. How ironic that her drinks are so skinny and her wallet so fat.

1. Miami Cocktail Company's Sweet Tea

This zero-sugar, zero-carb, 99.9 percent natural bevvie tastes as good as those other calorie-laden concoctions, so it's guilt-free. Pack some for your next boozy boat tour or neighborhood block party. But beware on the beach, because they come in glass containers. There's also a piña colada variety for when you're feeling fruity.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.