Five Best Places to Eat Alone in Miami on Valentine's Day

Singles have begun to dread the inevitable return of February 14. Whether you’re still wrapped up in last year’s heartbreak or you’ve fully embraced flying solo, no one wants to watch couples rub their unconditional love in everybody’s faces. But don’t get caught up in the depressing drama of Valentine’s Day.

Use this opportunity to enjoy some alone time. There’s no better way to pamper yourself than with a delicious plate of food. As long as you know the right nondate places to go, eating alone can be surprisingly satisfying. No expectations, awkward conversations, or arguments over the bill, and let’s face it — candlelit dinners are so cliché. So avoid those romantic restaurants at all costs and head to one of these eateries instead. They’re perfect for indulging in a fantastic meal alone without turning any sympathetic heads or looking like you just got dumped. Table for one, please.

5. Lung Yai Thai Tapas
Dining solo provides the rare chance to truly immerse yourself in a culinary experience and concentrate on a restaurant’s fare. Lung Yai is the ideal spot for getting up close and personal with food. It offers authentic Thai dishes with complex flavors that warrant thoughtful dissection. Grab a stool at the small counter and watch as the chefs slice whole chicken fresh from aromatic poaching liquid or julienne papaya for one of the crisp, bright salads. With small plates ranging from $5 to $9 and most entrées priced under $15, you won’t need a plus-one to sample multiple plates on the menu.

4. Coyo Taco
Miami’s most prized taqueria is always a great go-to for lunch with friends, but sometimes it’s even better solo. There’s no one to judge when you order extra churros to go or spill salsa on your shirt. Plus, the open atmosphere makes this place superinclusive, so don’t be shy — slide your tin tray next to a stranger and spark up a conversation. Or hit up Coyo after hours, when the back room of the fast-casual spot becomes a hidden bar for in-the-know taco lovers seeking a locals-only nightlife experience.

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