Five Best Places to Eat Alone

Let's face it, sometimes we just need a little alone time, and that includes when we eat. Whether we are taking a lunch break or grabbing a quick dinner after work, sometimes we just want our own company. Here are our Luckily five top places here in Miami to eat solo.

5. Pelican Cafe, 826 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach; 305-673-3373,

The cafe is conveniently located right in the Pelican Hotel on Ocean Drive, which makes it a great place to people watch. You are also located close to the beach, so the view you have while you silently eat your honey mustard chicken wrap, $12, is fantastic.

4. Toni's Sushi Bar, 1208 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-9368

One of the most convenient places to eat alone has to be a sushi bar. You don't have to feel uncomfortable and fidget with your Blackberry, because you face the raw fish. Toni's is great because it's a hole-in-the-wall that is cozy and relaxed. Try the moriawase for one, (California roll with 9 pieces of sushi) $25.

3. Cafe at Books & Books, 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305-532-3222

What better place to grab a bite alone than at a bookstore? Books & Books has a great atmosphere right on Lincoln Road. You can rub your nose in the newspaper while you sip on your coffee. O r whip out your book while you devour a prix fixe dinner that consists of an appetizer, entree and dessert at $28.10.

2. Norman's American Bar & Grill, 6770 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-868-9348

Who doesn't feel comfortable sitting at a sports bar watching a game and drinking a beer alone? At Norman's you can hang out while the game is on and order The classic Philly cheese steak goes for $$8.75.

1. El Rinconcito El Chele, 3791 Bird Road, Coral Gables; 305-444-0700

El Rinconcito El Chele is a diner with amazing food that takes pride in being a place where people feel comfortable alone. They have daily specials for all to enjoy like the chicken steak, Moros Rice and Plantains for $7.85.

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Carissa Chesanek
Contact: Carissa Chesanek