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Filet Mignon and Jameson Whiskey Top List of Most Stolen Items During Holiday Shopping Season

'Tis the season for thievery, according to Adweek's list of most shoplifted items during the holiday season. Filet mignon and Jameson whiskey are numbers one and two on the list.

Though that might conjure images of rich men stuffing meat and booze into their suits, most shoplifting is done by opportunists, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention. And they aren't kids. Three-quarters of shoplifters are adults with jobs.

The pressure of the holidays in tough economic times is hard to resist, says Johnny Custer, director of field operations for consulting firm Merchant Analytic Solutions.

The loss rate for luxury meat, the most stolen item, has risen 21 percent in the past two years, according the U.S. Department of Justice.

"Shoplifting is always a concern among retail establishments, especially during tough economic times," says Kimberly Jaeger, Southeast Florida media and community relations manager for Publix.

Jaeger declined to disclose how shoplifting affects the company's sales.

Liquor is the next most popular shoplifted item, accounting for 2.9 percent of all stolen merchandise in North America. Here's the rest of Adweek's list of most shoplifted items:

3. Electric Tools
4. iPhone 4
5. Gillette Mach 4 razors
6. Axe Body Spray
7. Polo Ralph Lauren designer apparel
8. Let's Rock Elmo toy
9. Chanel No. 5 fragrance
10. Nike shoes

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