The Big Poppa cookie-cake sundae.EXPAND
The Big Poppa cookie-cake sundae.
Courtesy of Mr. Kream

FattyCakesNY and Mr. Kream Collaborate on Rap-Inspired Cookie-Cake Sundaes

FattyCakesNY's Jennifer Taylor-Miller swears she was just messing around when she created her custom-made cookie cakes in 2009. "This is something I sold at street fairs on the side," she says. "I didn't expect it be anything."

But soon her creations of made-from-scratch cookies, frosting, and up to five mix-ins became a sweet success. Customers visit fattycakesny.com to build their dessert by choosing various cookie doughs (such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal) as well as the frosting and treats to stuff inside. Fillings are anything from Cap'n Crunch to glazed doughnuts to potato chips and blueberry jam. Cakes are shipped nationwide or can be picked up at the company's New York and South Florida locations.

FattyCakesNY has now partnered with Wynood's hip-hop ice-cream parlor, Mr. Kream, adding ice cream to the mix to offer unique cookie-cake sundaes.

"We started just a month ago, and it's getting a lot of attention,” Taylor-Miller explains as she unpacks boxes of freshly baked carrot-cake cookies to be used at the rap-themed ice-cream haven.

Ari Kalimi, founder of Mr. Kream, says the partnership is a match made in heaven. “When we opened, we wanted to become an over-the-top dessert place more than an ice-cream place. This collaboration is exactly what we want. I look at their products and it’s like our stuff. We’re not counting calories; we’re just counting goodness.”

Their first collaboration is the Big Poppa, named for the Notorious B.I.G.'s 1994 hit. Priced at $13.50, the treat comes with a choice of two ice-cream flavors, M&M pretzel cookies with a brownie middle, chocolate ganache, salted vanilla buttercream, and sprinkles. Kalimi chose the name when he placed the decadent dessert in front of a napkin holder displaying a photo of the rapper and felt inspiration strike.

The new 24K sundaeEXPAND
The new 24K sundae
Photo by Alona Abbady Martinez

The pairing of hip-hop-themed ice cream and cookie cakes seems to be a good fit with an abundance of enthusiasm for crazy creations to come. Just as Taylor-Miller removes the last carrot-cake cookie from its container, Kalimi places it in an ice-cream cup and the two begin sharing ideas. They add a scoop of Mr. Kream's carrot-cake ice cream, a swirl of whipped cream, gold sprinkles, and edible spray paint, then eagerly run to the front table to capture an image of the final product. A post on Instagram seals the creation’s fate, which Kalimi christens the 24K sundae ($10.50).

Mr. Kream Wynwood. 2400 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 786-659-4541; mrkreamwynwood.com.

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