Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Menage a Mango: A Slideshow of the 14th Annual International Mango Festival

This past weekend, Fairchild overflowed with thousands of them:  Mangoes of all colors, shapes and sizes, ripe and dripping with sugary sweet goodness.  So many, you'd blend in if you dressed up as one.  Some thought they might turn into one at midnight from the exposure!

Fairchild's Tropical Fruit Program cultivates more than 450 varieties from around the world at its Williams Grove property in Homestead, and each year, the Garden releases new kinds developed in its breeding program.  Following a tradition in fruit production, they get their own portraits for posterity by artist Julio Figueroa and are named in tribute to special Fairchild members like last year's 'Angie' (Angie and Bill Whitman) and the 'Jean Ellen' (Jean Ellen Shehan.)  Unveiled this year at the sold-out-for-months mango brunch?  None other than the "Bachelor" mango!  Hmm... 

In case you missed it, or were there but didn't get enough, check out our photo slideshow here and follow the Garden's mango blog for a peek at some of these blushing babies in their natural habitats.

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