Edge Steak & Bar's New Menu Items & Terrace: A Closer Look

Walking into Edge Steak & Bar at The Four Seasons, you are instantly met with rich warm tones and speckled strings of white lights strung across the ceiling. The square shaped bar commands the main entry way, and acts as a stage for the talented mixologists who work beyond it. Walk towards the back, and you'll find numerous examples of architectural brilliance to dote over. But no feature at Edge is more impressive than it's sprawling terrace with live burning fire pits and jaw-dropping city views.

It's five star version of the great outdoors isn't the only thing new at Edge this Summer. Australian chef Aaron Brooks has recently introduced numerous new menu items in celebration of seasons. Recently Short Order was lucky enough to be among the very first people to try them. 

Formally, their popular trio of tartares ($18) included beef, corvina, ahi tuna and scallop. They have since swapped the scallop for an octopus version. Decorated alongside are baby artichokes, cilantro, charred tomato salsa and saffron.

As for additions to their salad selections, Chef Brooks wanted to create a refreshing yet sweet mix to combat the scorching summer heat. The watercress and dates salad feature crumbles of turtle creek farm goat cheese that literally melt in your mouth. Paired alongside are vibrant green cress, two slices of la quercia prosciutto and sugary fried dates.

"Dates are kinda pricey right about now," explained head manager Christian Esposito "So they are pretty rare to find in any dish around town."

Another decadent entree accessory is the smooth pine nut puree, which is drizzled in-between steaming hot "Aussie Lamb" chops. "These pine nuts are just about as pricey as those dates!" laughed Christian, while explaining the food to us.

The "Aussie Lambs" as they're affectionately titled, are Chef Brooks' Australian spiced spin on the outback classic. The plate is drizzled in a perfected tangy olive salsa, covering both the chops as well as the leafy arugula side salad.  On the outskirts of the porcelain, laid a single house-made smoked sausage.

His new ode to the local Cuban culture is the chickpea parmesan croqueta. Small, toasted flavor filled squares packed with minced chick pea and baked in casing of breading and cheese.  We loved dunking them in the creamy five-herb dipping sauce.

Wrapping up the list of new arrivals is the piping hot brownie topped with ice cold macadamia ice cream. This perfected fusion of two temperatures is then peppered with granola and soft marshmallows and showered in caramel sauce. 

Once we were finished trying the new arrivals we found our way to the massive 2,400 square foot moonlit terrace. Twinkling lights strung across the top, creating a makeshift roof, while glowing lanterns lit our way along the wood floors. Lights from the surrounding highrise buildings acted as numerous tiny glittering specs on our horizon. The immediate feeling is not Miami, but Manhattan.

Perhaps our favorite feature was the two private couch areas, adorned with blazing hot fire pits in the middle of the table. The terrace is rich with sophistication, yet unassumingly romantic.

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