Doughnut Shop Donutty to Open in Kendall Serving Classic Glazed

Doughnut Shop Donutty to Open in Kendall Serving Classic Glazed
Courtesy of Burger Beast
Courtesy of Burger Beast
By the end of the summer, Donutty, a new doughnut shop, will open in Kendall about a block from Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar. The small store will specialize in the classic glazed variety rather than heavily garnished, trendier sweets.

"A lot of the famous doughnut shops have gone away from what got them there in the first place," Donutty founder Danny Monzon says. "I'm just a guy who wants to bring back a great-quality traditional doughnut into the market."

Monzon, who was born in Guatemala and raised in Miami, spent time in the food and fitness industries before he decided to open Donutty.

"I always dreamed of opening my own restaurant," he says. "It's always been a tough industry, and that's intimidating, but all I can do is provide a really good product."

Through months of trial and error and without any culinary experience, Monzon created his own dough recipe from scratch.

"It has to be light and fluffy," he says. "The bottom line is it's all about the dough."

Though Donutty focuses on traditional glazed, Monzon is experimenting with a few other flavors, such as a s'mores doughnut topped with graham crackers, marshmallows, and a chocolate square; a white chocolate glazed variety with Oreo crumble; a marshmallow-and-Nutella-glazed version; and a Miami-centric guava and cheese.

"We definitely want to play around a little," he says. "But I won't put a doughnut out there unless I'm 100 percent confident in it."

Monzon does not have an exact opening date but plans to debut the shop in the fall. Prices, menus, and operating hours have not been released either. In the meantime, Donutty will pop up at Croquetapalooza August 25 at Magic City Casino.

"We're tapping into a market where there ars no doughnut shops like this," he says. "The biggest thing for me right now is to open and start selling."

Donutty. 11510 SW 147th Ave., Miami.
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