Donald Trump's Five Biggest Food Crimes

Its been a big week for Donald Trump. First, the presidential hopeful's Naked Trump statue turned up in Wynwood. Then Trump decided to show his medical records to TV host and supplement hawker Dr. Mehmet Oz.

This afternoon, Trump will reveal more of his health history on The Dr. Oz Show. According to a statement issued by the show, Trump will release to Dr. Oz "the results of his physical examination performed last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein, M.D. of Lenox Hill Hospital, who has been Mr. Trump’s personal physician for many years."

The New York Times states Oz will call the 70-year-old candidate "slightly overweight" at 236 pounds. However, the Times states that earlier reports have Trump weighing in at 267 pounds. If Trump tips the scale at 260-plus pounds, he would be considered clinically obese by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standards. According to the CDC's website, "People who are overweight or obese are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol."

For all of his gold-trimmed places and private jets, Trump eats like Bluto from Animal House. If the man can't seriously control his diet, how can we trust him to hold nuclear codes? Here are the top five crimes Trump has committed against food.
5. Trump Loves McDonald's Fish Delight, Which Isn't Even a Thing
Even though fast food isn't good for you, it's an indulgence that spans the political aisles. Bill Clinton was known to steer his Secret Service staff into the nearest Mickey D's for a snack during a jog, and Barack Obama has a bit of a love affair with cheeseburgers. So there's no beef if Trump likes an occasional stop at the Golden Arches — unless the real-estate magnate is faking it to make himself more relatable. In a February town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper, Trump cited the cleanliness of fast-food restaurants. When Cooper asked what he ordered at McDonald's, Trump said the Fish Delight. The problem, of course, is that a Fish Delight isn't a thing. Maybe he meant a Filet-O-Fish, and some minion who actually does the ordering was too afraid to correct him. Or maybe the Donald has never been inside a McDonald's in his life.
4. No Love for Vegetables
Google "Trump and food," and you'll get many results of what the Republican candidate likes, from See's Candies to a meatloaf sandwich made by Martha Stewart. What you won't find is any mention of vegetables. In fact, the Chicago Tribune pointed out that when you search for "Donald Trump favorite vegetable," you get forwarded to a Twitter account called @Donalds_Hair. If Trump were elected president, he'd probably dig up Michelle Obama's vegetable garden in favor of a putting green. And here we thought that he got that lovely natural orange glow from eating carrots — much like flamingos get their sunset hue from eating shrimp.
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Laine Doss is the food and spirits editor for Miami New Times. She has been featured on Cooking Channel's Eat Street and Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. She won an Alternative Weekly award for her feature about what it's like to wait tables.
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