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CMX Dine-In Movie Theater Opens at Brickell City Centre

CMX, the newly opened dine-in movie theatre in Brickell City Centre offers gourmet food options.
Every customer gets an oversized upholstered reclining seat.
Every customer gets an oversized upholstered reclining seat. Courtesy of CMX
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Why go to dinner and a movie when you can do both at once? CMX, the newly opened dine-in movie theater at Brickell City Centre, offers full-service in-seat gourmet dining complete with "ninja" service — waiters who move silently throughout the cinema so as not to disturb viewers.

CMX, which is owned by Cinemex, is the sixth largest cineplex chain in the world, and this theater marks the Mexican brand's first foray into the U.S. market. The Brickell location offers 35,759-square-feet of theater space, including ten viewing rooms with dine-in service. What's more, it's one of the few cinemas in the world to offer laser projectors for an even crisper image.

The theater officially opened April 24, with ticket prices ranging from $21 to $25. The price includes popcorn, and every viewer sits in an oversize upholstered reclining seat with a swivel table for dining and a blanket. There's even an LED light to ensure that guests can see what they're eating, as well as a USB charger and a storage compartment for purses and shopping bags.
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Courtesy of CMX
To develop its menu, Cinemax partnered with Lettuce Entertain. Miami-inspired items include Cuban egg rolls stuffed with pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles served with a mustard dipping sauce ($10). Other appetizers are chicken tenders ($13), tuna crudo ($13), and popcorn shrimp ($11). CMX offers both a margherita pizza ($13) and a pepperoni pizza ($15), along with a couple of salads. As for main dishes, there's a classic cheeseburger ($14), a version of a lobster roll but with king crab ($18), a turkey BLT ($12), and pulled pork sliders ($12). Prices seem fair considering this is a movie theater.

CMX also offers milkshakes and desserts in addition to myriad popcorn varieties. Customers can order cocktails and drinks at their seats or grab a drink and a bite in one of the theater's two bar/lounge areas. The larger bar boasts Florida's largest indoor screen, making it an excellent venue for catching sporting events. In fact, Cinemex designed the location so patrons can visit without actually seeing a movie. The only other theater in Miami that offers similar services is the iPic in North Miami Beach.

"You come to CMX for a whole experience. It's a one-stop shop," Luis Castelazo, director of CMX, says.
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