Broken Shaker cocktail mixers are now available for purchase at Williams-Sonoma.
Broken Shaker cocktail mixers are now available for purchase at Williams-Sonoma.
Courtesy of Gabe Orta

Broken Shaker Cocktail Mixers Now Available at Williams-Sonoma

If you've always wanted to make cocktails at home as good as the Broken Shaker's, now you can.

Bar Lab's Gabe Orta and Eli Zvi have just announced the release of a line of Broken Shaker cocktail mixers, available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.

Four mixers retail for $16 each, with each cocktail representing Miami and its diverse cultures. The collection includes Chi Chi Collins, made with watermelon and spicy white ginger; Caribbean Tonic, with passionfruit and island spices; Floridita Tropicale, with Florida citrus and blackberries; and Havana Smash, with pink guava and minty orange.

According to Orta, each bottle makes 12 to 16 drinks, and each cocktail is meant to be used with a specific spirit — such as gin and vodka for the Caribbean Tonic. There are instructions on each bottle, and Orta recommends finishing each drink with a splash of fresh citrus to "pop the flavors."

The Bar Lab partner says the idea for the cocktail line came about almost a year ago when the Broken Shaker organized an event with Williams-Sonoma. "We started talking about how great it would be to partner on something, and they loved the idea," Orta says. He's been a big fan of the high-end kitchen store. "We always loved Williams-Sonoma ever since we used to work in bars and kitchens."

To make a cocktail mixer worthy of the Broken Shaker name took eight months of trial-and-error, Orta says. "Our main concern was the taste. We went through the recipes a lot of times." The finished product, the Shaker cofounder says, is a drink made in your home that tastes "good and fresh."

The mixers are made with ingredients such as fresh guava purée and mint. Each product is then shelf-stabilized to stay fresh.

Orta sees a future for the Broken Shaker line. "We would love to have more flavors, including some winter cocktails. If this takes off, the sky's the limit."

The Broken Shaker. 2727 Indian Creek Dr., Miami Beach; 786-325-8974; thefreehand.com.

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