Archive Diver: The Hungry Sailor English Pub in Coconut Grove

The Hungry Sailor in Coconut Grove, where Sandbar is now, was well known for its reggae and penny beer nights. According to this web reference, they also made a mean chicken sandwich. Here are some more web references, mostly from the New Times archives.

  • Do you remember when a machete wielding Briton got blasted, to death, with guns, by the police, outside the place back in 95'? [click]
  • "Remember the seedy raunchiness of Coconut Grove's Hungry Sailor and how cool it was to sit in its dark environs and guzzle ice-cold Red Stripes to the sounds of a live reggae band?" [click]
  • High profile DJ "Josh Menendez had his own modest Monday-night party at the Hungry Sailor in Coconut Grove." [click]
  • "Closing down at the Hungry Sailor, reggae in an English pub setting, a resolutely low-voltage crowd save for a stunning Ethiopian waitress, luminous and exquisite as an orchid, a beacon of possibility and hope." [click]

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