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Wynwood Is Getting Its First Big Parking Garage

No neighborhood in Miami is a true hot spot until it has a big-ass parking garage. Think about it. Downtown: tons of big-ass parking garages. South Beach: so many big-ass parking garages, some of them even designed by world-renowned architects. Coral Gables: yep, even some big-ass parking garages there. The Design District: its big-ass parking garages just recently open for business. Coconut Grove: a few big-ass parking garages, but some people say it doesn't have enough big-ass parking garages. 

Wynwood, however, has remained big-ass-parking-garage-free. That's all about to change. 

It was less than a year ago when street parking was totally free in Wynwood, and it could usually be found without much of a mission on all but the busiest nights. However, the city launched pay-by-phone parking in the area last September, and as the neighborhood continues to grow, parking is becoming harder to find, even as visitors must pay for it. 

However, there have been rumblings that the area's major developer, Goldman Properties, has been planning a parking garage for some time, and now The Next Miami has gotten hold of renderings
The building is slated for 301 NW 26th St., just east of Zak the Baker, and would stretch to NW 27th Street across from the black-and-white-striped Wynwood Building, which is home to Goldman Properties' main office in the area (as well as Miami New Times' offices). Currently, a surface parking lot occupies the land. 

The eight-story structure, quite large by Wynwood standards, would have 428 parking spaces. Naturally, the building would be covered in artwork. The plans will go up for review by the Urban Design Review Board next month. 

Though Wynwood is a quite walkable neighborhood, the only option to get to it by public transport is Metrobus. Not even the Miami Trolley, which serves nearby midtown and the Design District, stops in Wynwood. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder